From the Cheap Seats: The Climate Change Scare-a-thon

November 14, 2012

SCARE TACTICS: Al Gore and U.S. Senator Mark Udall’s wife Maggie Fox (above) are trying to convince the gullible that carbon dioxide is something to fear, again

Al Gore and Mrs. Sen. Mark Udall are making a special offer today – a little dirty talk.

Of course it’s all a come on.

Gore and Maggie Fox and the Climate Reality Project (CRaP) are putting on (take that however you wish) a “report” on the “pollution” that is supposedly driving up the temperature of the earth.

The “pollution” of course, is carbon dioxide. That’s the same stuff that plants use for food, it’s a basic building block of life.

So of course Gore and Ma Udall are trying to convince the gullible that carbon dioxide is something to fear, airing a daylong disinofirmation flick called “Watch 24 Hours of Reality: The Dirty Weather Report.”  The scareshow will be aired live, online.

No explanation as to why the “Dirty Weather Report” isn’t being aired on Current TV.

Perhaps because no one watches it.

Make no mistake, though, the “Dirty Weather Report” isn’t a straight report.  It’s a new, pernicious form of propaganda.

Call it “Gore porn,” the suggestive stuff aimed at enriching You-Know-Who by scaring the pants off the easily aroused with airbrushed statistics and suggestive photography – all aimed at persuading the gullible to whip out their checkbooks and line Gore’s pockets.

And the amazing thing, of course, is that he does it all without party jokes.

Unless you count the script, of course.

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