From the Cheap Seats: The Ice Age Cometh

November 12, 2012

GLOBAL FREEZING? The earth is apparently in the throes of a mini Ice Age

In case they didn’t realize it, the earth is in the middle of Ice Age.

No, not the movie (although the similarity between the features of Al Gore and the weird little creature in constant search of the elusive acorn has not gone without remark).

The earth, it may come as a shock to the Green Lobby, remains in the throes of a mini Ice Age.

Now it turns out that some researchers are saying that anthropogenic global warming is actually forestalling the onslaught of cold.

“We are probably entering a new ice age right now,” Lars Franzen, a professor of physical geography at the University of Gothenberg in Sweden, was cited as saying in an online statement today. “However, we’re not noticing it due to the effects of carbon dioxide.”

Uh, sure. OK. Whatever spices your meatballs, Lars.

If we accept the premise, which is the equivalent suggesting that a mouse could fend off a stampede of elephants, then it would make sense that the more carbon dioxide we can pump into the air, the better.

Cheap Seats isn’t persuaded that anthropogenic global warming is anything but a tool to shut down western economies, but assuming Franzen has a point, the advance of the Ice Age is getting stronger, not weaker.

So, if the cold is coming, we should be burning more coal and drilling and refining more oil.

Better drill, baby, drill than chill, baby, chill.

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