From the Cheap Seats: The San Quentin Itch

November 1, 2012

ITCHY AND SCRATCHY: A chicken pox outbreak at San Quentin Prison in California has resulted in a lockdown at the infamous institution

There’s nothing like a little schadenfreude, a handy little German term that has no specific English equivalent, but Cheap Seats thinks we need one.  How else can we properly express our glee at the prospect of well-deserved misfortune on the part of others.

In this case, we refer to the outbreak among the inmates at San Quentin prison in California of chickenpox.

So what you say?

Well, San Quentin houses the lovely and charming Charlie Manson, the mastermind of  a multitude of murders, the best known being that of the pregnant Sharon Tate back in the bad, old days of 1969.

No one was being allowed to visit the inmates because medical staff is trying to figure how the ailment, which features itchy skin irritation and blisters.

How unpleasant. What a shame if Manson is scratching himself crazy(ier) in his little cell.  Heh, heh, heh.

We certainly hope the staff at San Quentin avoids the itch, but we also think that this sad incident needs active federal investigation.

San Quentin is in Marin County, which sits in the district represented by Nancy Pelosi.  Should she become infected, our concern would be for the virus.

Chicken pox, we want to note, causes extreme discomfort, but rarely results in death, unlike the human denizens of the prison.

So our question is, what did varicella do to deserve incarceration at San Quentin?

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