Our View: Udall Tilting at Windmills

November 5, 2012

How can politicians demand never-ending taxpayer handouts for “green energy” when the country is drowning in a $16 trillion sea of debt?

Count us as shocked! Shocked! over the announcement last week from Vestas Wind Systems that they will be shuttering their “research and development office” in Colorado in order to “…further simplify its global footprint to reduce operational costs…”

While the Danish company’s announcement also impacted similar operations in other states, we can’t help but be reminded about the folly of a business model that is wholly dependent upon government subsidies to thrive.

What caught our eye here at The Observer was a tweet sent out by our own Senator Mark Udall (D-Colo.) blaming the Vestas shut down on Congress’ unwillingness to extend pork-barrel subsidies that the company relies upon to meet its payroll.  Does this senatorial finger-wagging remind anyone else of burglar admonishing the local police department for not patrolling his victim’s neighborhood enough?

Does Senator Udall – a member of the majority party — understand the rules of the Senate well enough to know that if this issue were truly important enough to Colorado, he has the ability to shut the place down to force action on it?

While many of us remember the good old days when the economy was roaring and it seemed as though we might have the luxury of handing out public dollars to underwrite “green energy” fantasies, the bottom line today is that our economy continues to sputter under the failed policies of Barack Obama, Mark Udall and the rest of their friends in Washington, D.C.

We can’t understand how members of Congress can look their constituents in the eye and tell them that, even though our nation is drowning in a $16 trillion sea of debt, it makes sense to continue delivering truckloads of government handouts to politically connected green energy companies in an effort to make them seem competitive with traditional energy sources like coal and natural gas.

While Senator Udall has managed to get himself elected to the Senate with a winning smile and a namesake most politicians would kill for, we’d much rather see him use his perch on a couple powerful committees in the Senate to demand answers to a few other questions, such as what really happened in Benghazi.

Unfortunately for Colorado, however, Mr. Udall seems much more interested in using his office to act as a mouthpiece for the radical environmental movement.

Mr. Udall isn’t on the ballot Tuesday, and won’t face the voters until 2014.  But we hope our senior senator will spend a little more time over the next two years focusing on the priorities of Colorado families, and a little less time tilting at the green lobby’s windmills.

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