From the Cheap Seats: Hu Likes the Idea of John Kerry as Secretary of State?

December 26, 2012

HU? Actually Xi, the new Hu, as in the new premier of Red China, will be the beneficiary of Obama’s second-term energy and defense policies

Who couldn’t be happier with President Obama’s nomination of John Kerry as secretary of state?




With apologies to Abbott and Costello, the answer is actually Xi, as in the new Hu, and he, as the new premier of Red China, as it’s most accurately known, will be the beneficiary of Obama’s second-term energy policy, which he has signaled will be even worse than that of his first.

That signal, of course, was the nomination of John Kerry to take over as secretary of state for the injured Hillary Clinton, who is convalescing from a broken pinkie nail on her left hand.

Clinton famously suffered the injury as she chewed her fingernails in consternation over the Keystone XL pipeline.

Kerry, who has said that global warming amounts to a national security threat, is a sure bet to tell the Canadians that he doesn’t want their stinking oil, thus the good news for the Chinese. The Chinese have been salivating for the opportunity to buy Canadian oil.

The Senate is a lock to confirm both Kerry and its reputation for clubbiness, which will come as a great relief to the Chinese, if not so much to the Oklahomans, who turn out to be, in the minds of the administration, not exactly on first.

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