From the Cheap Seats: Ritter’s Intermittent Energy

December 21, 2012

SHORT LIST? Former Gov. Bill Ritter was rumored this week to be the object of President Barack Obama’s energetic affections, so to speak

Former Gov. Bill Ritter was rumored this week to be the object of President Barack Obama’s energetic affections, so to speak. The ex-gov. of Colorado is supposedly on the short list to replace Steven Chu as secretary of energy.

Bad as the original choice choice of Chu was – and Cheap Seats is aware that Chu hasn’t made any definitive statement about leaving – really, who but Obama would hire him? 

Cheap Seats has to think that that it’s possible to do worse.  And the best (worst?)  way to do so would be to take a governor who nearly destroyed an entire state’s natural gas industry and plunged half the state’s economy back 30 years just as it was showing growth, and give him the chance to duplicate that dubious accomplishment for an entire nation.

The United States, according to the International Energy Administration, is poised to become the world’s biggest supplier of energy in eight short years.  For a nation with a $16 trillion debt, that prospect should be as attractive as a Christmas turkey to to a Dickens character. Obama and Ritter, however, have convincingly demonstrated uncanny abilities to resist economic opportunity.

Ritter, for his part, said his phone hasn’t rung.  Then again, he’s never really recognized when opportunity was calling.

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