From the Cheap Seats: The Doha(hahaha) Climate Change Joke

December 13, 2012

UN ROADSHOW: All the “Debacle at Doha” did was guarantee a band of globetrotting international grifters another grab at the swag bag

There’s a pretty simple measure of the danger of global warming: If it ain’t real, the people who are pitching it won’t act like it.

That’s the case of the climate summit just completed in Qatar in the city of, as it’s known in reality circles, Doha-hahaha.

Delegates from 194 nations attending the annual U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change in Doha-hahaha were unable to reach agreement after several days in sumptuous surroundings on the dimes of their various taxpayers, all of whom pretty much depend on the taxpayers of the United States.

The threat of climate change, er, anthropogenic climate change, was so great that the delegates to Doha-hahaha found solid consensus on how to deal with the looming threat.

And there’s a reason we call it Doha-hahaha.

“For all of the nations wrestling with the new reality of climate change – which includes the United States – this meeting failed to deliver the goods,” said Alden Meyer, director of strategy and policy for the Union of Concerned Scientists. “At the end of the day, ministers were left with two unpalatable choices: accept an abysmally weak deal, or see the talks collapse in acrimony and despair — with no clear path forward.”

So it’s “abysmally weak deal” for the win, so to speak.  How very U.N.

All the Debacle at Doha-hahaha did was guarantee a band of globetrotting grifters another grab at the swag bag.

Don’t think they won’t go for the gusto.

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