From the Cheap Seats: Tim Gill’s Lump of Coal

December 14, 2012

GRINCH: Gay-rights activist and Democrat super-donor Tim Gill, fired off an e-card Wednesday entitled, “A Binder Full of . . . Wishes”

So far the Gill Foundation is running away with The Observer’s first annual contest for Colorado’s Most Political and Least Festive Holiday Card.

The foundation, headed by software moneybags and gay-rights activist Tim Gill, fired off an e-card Wednesday entitled, “A Binder Full of  . . . Wishes,” a none-too-subtle reference to Republican Mitt Romney’s debate reference to “binders full of women.”

Inside, the card features photos of activists from the myriad liberal groups supported by the Gill Foundation, holding up signs describing what they want for . . . Christmas? Hanukkah? Kwanzaa? It’s unclear.

From Media Matters of America: “A media untainted by anti-LGBT misinformation and extremism.”

From 9 to 5 Colorado: “Restore the state earned income tax credit. Close the pay gap for women and people of color.”

From Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders: “Knock out DOMA [Defense of Marriage Act].”

From Colorado Ethics Watch: “Non-partisan election administration.”

From the One Colorado Education Fund: “In-state tuition for undocumented students.”

In other words, it’s the usual left-wing grab-bag, but what stands out is how many groups are represented in the card: 33. They include everything from national organizations like the National Council of La Raza to local storefronts like OutFront Minnesota Community Services.

Gill may be best known as a member of the mega-rich Gang of Four who flipped the state legislature from Republican to Democrat in 2004, but the card is a reminder that the statehouse is only one of his priorities. It’s also a reminder that Colorado Republicans still have nobody who can match his wealth funding their agenda and candidates.

Colorado conservatives undoubtedly have a host of items on their wish list this season, but none may be more pressing than “uber-rich campaign donor.” As Gill has repeatedly demonstrated, when it comes to politics, cash remains the perfect gift.

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