From the Cheap Seats: Vilsack’s Finger Wagging

December 11, 2012

Vilsack, a former Iowa governor, scolded rural America for becoming less relevant

The Obama administration has found a new way to get it wrong, terribly wrong.

This time, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack is the screw-up. Which is not to say this is his first time, just that it’s the most recent.

Vilsack, a former Iowa governor, scolded rural America for not getting with it, which we presume means that they now will be punished for the heresy of voting for someone other than Obama.

Vilsack heaped a bit of scorn on the corn, as it were, because farmers worried that Obama had it in mind to regulate farm dust, despite official denials.

Farmers had no reason to be suspicious because he and Obama had backed off a proposed regulation that would prevent farmers from having their children do farm chores.

Earth to Vilsack: You did want to put regulators in the farmhouse and didn’t stop until you got caught.

And then there was the little thing about forcing dairy farmers to milk their cows in concrete-lined basins so as to prevent the environmental disaster of spilled milk.

Egg farmers are worried about a deal that the Obama administration made with the Humane Society forcing producers to give hens more space.

Farmers, however, ought not worry their little heads about regulation, Vilsack said.

Instead of complaining about the intrusion of feds into their business, farmers ought to take some homespun Washington, D.C., advice as rendered by Vilsack, and we quote:

“We need a proactive message, not a reactive message. How are you going to encourage young people to want to be involved in rural America or farming if you don’t have a proactive message? Because you are competing against the world now.”

Leaving aside the small issue of whether any of that makes sense, Cheap Seats has to wonder just what Vilsack thinks his job is.

Farmers could be excused for thinking that it’s the ag secretary’s job to stick up for them in the cabinet, in Congress.

Yet here we have Vilsack telling that it’s time to get back in the corral, stop with the independence thing and do as they’re told by their betters.

We’re just guessing that the kids who muck out the stables know shovel-ready when they see it and know exactly what to make of Vilsack’s approach.

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