From the Cheap Seats: Inaugural Warming

January 23, 2013

THE DECIDER? Obama channeled Al Gore during his inaugural address, saying that the science of global warming was decided

President Obama’s second term is beginning to look a lot like Al Gore’s first.  Obama took the opportunity of his inaugural address to say that his term would be aimed at addressing climate change.

Good thing he neglected to mention “global warming” to shivering the crowd, most of whom were apparently warming their hands on bongs, as he might have gotten a completely different reaction than he did with the “climate change” talk. 

Allegedly, that resulted in the crowd chanting  “Cheetos, cheetos!” to no apparent result.

Obama channeled the former future president (Gore, in case you forgot) in saying that the science of global warming was decided.

Of course science being “decided” is as as likely as Lindsey Lohan getting a degree in neuropsychiatry, or serving an actual jail sentence. Not happening.

Cheap Seats, however, thinks that Obama’s call for action on climate change, though rooted in cynical manipulation, could be salutary.

He might have to explain why the earth’s “fever,” to borrow Gore’s less-than-scientific term, hasn’t budged in 16 years, and that according to his buds at the Met, as they call the global-warming establishment in the UK.

And in drawing attention to Gore and his loopiness, Obama also has drawn attention to the Climate Reality Project (CRaP,) which is operated by Mrs. Sen. Mark Udall, aka Maggie Fox, for a cool 250 large a year.

Inquiring minds such as Cheap Seats and others might wish to know more about the relationship between Udall, CRaP and the dough they rake in.

And that as an election year for Udall draws near in 2014.

All things considered, Obama may have drawn attention to some inconvenient dupes in a way that will come to regret, but that the nation will applaud.

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One Response to From the Cheap Seats: Inaugural Warming

  1. Tony Beard
    January 26, 2013 at 6:32 pm

    Unfortunately, that’s the problem in America. The same great minds that bring their pot to the inauguration are all for restricting business in the name of climate change and ignoring dangerous groups like the CRP. It’s going to be a long 4 years.


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