From the Cheap Seats: These Inconvenient Truths

January 16, 2013

It’s entertaining to hear global-warming types explain the difference between “weather” and “climate”, as happened in Washington on Monday

As sure as God made little green apples and those little green apples have worms, you can count on climate activists to whine that cold weather doesn’t mean anything because weather isn’t climate.

This lecture occurs only during the winter, of course. When it gets hot in July, hot temperatures are deemed to be proof of global warming. So much for “Weather isn’t climate” lecture.

It’s always entertaining, however, when global-warming types whine about the difference during cold winters, as happened in Washington on Monday.

Some 200 climate activists gathered in Olympia under snow flurries and chilly weather to demand action on climate change.

The story wasn’t the temperature. Our intrepid little band of climate activists wanted to call attention to winter high tides, saying they offered a glimpse of a shoreline as it will be as temperatures rise.

Well, darned if the high tide came in nearly a foot below forecast, at 16.9 feet.  It was supposed to be 17.6 feet.

The official explanation was that a high-pressure system compressed marine water, lessening the high tide. So goes the story, anyway.

Still, it’s strange that the facts just won’t line up with the scaremongering.

How inconvenient these truths.

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