From the Cheap Seats: Salazar’s Horseburgers

February 11, 2013

Whatever you do, don’t ask Salazar to pass the Seabiscuit

Cheap Seats has to wonder if the horses have left before Ken Salazar gets ready to close the barn door on his tenure as secretary of the Interior.  What else could explain Salazar’s uncharacteristic silence when asked by Congress, including his pal, Jared Polis, as to why Salazar has failed to explain an investigation by his department about how 1,700 federally protected horses ended up in the hands of Mexican buyers who evidently specialize in turning horseflesh into surprisingly tasty tacos.

Or maybe it was Whoppers. Burger King got caught serving up some bobtail nag to the Brits, who, unaccountably, discerned a difference between horsemeat and their best beef. We can only guess that the limeys got suspicious when the burgers suddenly were tasty.

Salazar has been nothing if not testy when asked about horses. He’s even threatened to “punch out” a reporter who dared ask him about it. It seems that nothing will spur Salazar to explain his department’s actions.  Or lack of them.

Now it’s not exactly a state secret that the wild horses of the West need management, and it’s equally obvious that Salazar is intent on saying as little as possible about the subject, most likely because he doesn’t want reality intruding on the world view of the Obama administration’s allies, who like to think that unicorns are real, just parading as mustangs. They nurture similar delusions on other matters, but that’s a different Cheap Shot.

All Salazar wants to do is hold on for a few more weeks until Sally Jewell, who bears a  disturbing resemblance to Bruce Babbit, can plead ignorance when asked about wild horses.

It’s well worth noting though, that under the Obama administration, dinner-table talk about horses has gone from awestruck recollections of Secretariat to whispered wonderings of what what the Secretary eats.

Whatever you do, don’t ask Salazar to pass the Seabiscuit.

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One Response to From the Cheap Seats: Salazar’s Horseburgers

  1. wrongheifer
    February 11, 2013 at 5:57 pm

    Saladbar is an imposter…He claims to have the ‘heritage’ of the San Luis Valley and ranching in his blood…He has nothing…If you dug far enough you’d probably find he ‘arranged the sale’ of the wild horses to the slaughter house…That is just the kind of guy Kenny Saladbar is…FAKE!


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