From the Cheap Seats: Trillions and Trillions of Dimes

February 14, 2013

Cheap Seats admires Mr. Obama’s insistence that his litany of harebrained schemes would “not add one dime” to the deficit

Cheap Seats watched the State of Union speech by President Obama, which was reminiscent of one of those sitcoms in which the writers are out of ideas, so they just recycle vignettes of previous episodes.

Not unlike “The Nanny,” this episode was filled with hackneyed jokes we’ve heard before and worn-out story lines leading to familiar conclusions all delivered in an annoying voice.

“The Nanny” pretty much sums up the Obama approach:  Dress to spend, spend, spend  someone else’s money, cast blame and whine a lot. Really a lot.

And just as was the case with the sitcom, true appreciation demanded a suspension of disbelief.

SOTU 2013 doesn’t work, for instance, if you know that the sequester was Obama’s idea. It doesn’t work if one knows that Obama said four years ago that he’d tackle the nation’s infrastructure problems if he could only get $831 billion.

Talk about your “manufactured crises.” Put a little extra nasal tone in the guy and you’ve got “The Nanny.” Without the sincerity.

So we still have lots of infrastructure problems, less money and the president is as clueless as his speech was shovel  ready.

Cheap Seats has to admire Mr. Obama’s insistence that his litany of harebrained schemes would “not add one dime” to the deficit.

Of course not.  Four hundred and fifty trillion dimes is not “one dime,” after all.

On “The Nanny”, that line gets a big laugh.  Maybe it’s just in the delivery.

But if Obama really cares what we thought he’ll take pity on us in a year and do his 2014 version with a laugh track and spare us the false concern for the budget.

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