From the Cheap Seats: Carping About Carbon

March 25, 2013

Cheaps Seats, you and even Maggie Fox (aka Mrs. Mark Udall) are carbon-based life forms dependent on the abundance of the element for existence

Mrs. Sen. Mark Udall is going farther off the rails,if that’s possible.  Maggie Fox, wife of the Colorado Democrat and head of the Climate Reality Project (CRaP), has released a  video about “The Cost of Carbon,” whining about how there’s just too much darned carbon.

Carbon, you know, is the 15th most common element in the earth’s crust, and as basic physics reminds us, we ain’t making any more of it, CRaP’s whining notwithstanding.

Fox and CRaP, though, think we should be paying a “carbon tax” and it now appears that the Obama administration is preparing to seek one. Cheap Seats can only hope that they choose Al “Show Me the Petrodollars” Gore as the spokesman for the effort. Talk about “Big Carbon,” have they seen that guy’s belt size?

In CRaP’s unintentionally hilarious video, guys in white shirts and suits are seated at a table with some seriously good-looking … T-bones. No, CRaP doesn’t even have the sense to have those suits accompanied by attractive females.

Anyway, the suits represent “Big Oil” and “Big Coal” and we’re supposed to dislike them, presumably because they represent the Evil Rich, you know, the people who make it possible to drive cars, heat homes, light the computer you’re reading right now and, oh yes, feed, rear and ultimately get that big hunk of carbon, er T-bone, to the dinner table.

CRaP hasn’t figured out that whining about “carbon pollution” is like saying there are just too many building blocks of life around.

That’s right, Cheaps Seats, you and even the Udalls are carbon-based life forms dependent on the abundance of the element for existence.

Blaming carbon is like blaming oxygen – and like those CFL twisty lights – not terribly bright.

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2 Responses to From the Cheap Seats: Carping About Carbon

  1. Bob Terry
    March 30, 2013 at 9:35 am

    Well she must have gotten a “Democrat Union based lets pay more and receive less” education.. HHHMMM when I took science and biology trees took in Carbon Dioxide and released Oxygen…Matter cannot be created or destroyed… Whats here is here..
    Sorry I am a dumb ol retired Railroad man…and I was not blessed with the Democratic wisdom…we know more than you guess what it is..or We have to pass something so you’ll know what’s in it… From professor Pelosi (GAG ME) why do people fall for this crap…The only one laughing his was to the Bank is that Goofy Al Gore… Like PT Barnum said…”Sucker born every minute and two to take him…


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