From the Cheap Seats: Samira and the State Department

March 11, 2013

The same bunglers at the State Dept. who botched Benghazi came close to giving an award to an outspoken anti-Semite who celebrated the 9/11 attacks

WWTJD?  Well, we know what the ever-watchful Obama-Clinton-Kerry State Department, those observant folks who brought us the Benghazi disaster, did.  Last week, the same band of geniuses was all set to give a big award to Samira Ibrahim, an Egyptian activist as one of nine International Women of Courage. 

Then one of the deep thinkers thought it might be a good idea to check Ibrahim out.

Pretty novel approach, it turns out.  Ibrahim, it appears, was something of prolific and poisonous twitter poster, or at least someone using her account was.

Seems a tweet on her account hailed a bombing that left dead five Israelis.

“Today is a very sweet day with a lot of very sweet news,” Ibrahim’s twitter account said.

Ibrahim denied, then un-denied the tweets, but that pretty much misses the point, which is that the State Department only learned of the tweet until after flying her to the United States from Egypt for her big meeting with First Lady Michelle Obama.

Throughout, no one in State seemed to be the least bit concerned that Ibrahim might be something other than advertised.

Cheap Seats suspects that a State Department headed by the nation’s first secretary of state and not coincidentally third president, would have had enough skepticism to check out Ibrahim before embarrassing himself.

So the answer to the question posed above – What would Thomas Jefferson do? – is pretty simple.  He’d have paid attention.  A pretty novel approach, but it’s Cheap Seats-recommended.

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