From the Cheap Seats: The Senate’s Plumbing

March 13, 2013

The Senate, which hasn’t passed a budget in years, managed to find time to pass a resolution recognizing World Plumbing Day

The U.S. Senate, which likes to describe itself as the “most deliberative body in the world” – so deliberative in fact that it has proven itself completely incapable of passing a budget for three consecutive years – has thrown caution to the winds and found the time to recognize World Plumbing Day.

The upper body, as the Senate also likes to think of itself, has in fact recognized World Plumbing Day for three consecutive years, this time under the leadership of Colorado Democrat Michael Bennet.

Bennet, who styles himself as a voice of sanity and reason in the Senate, isn’t exactly flush with legislative accomplishment otherwise. He’s pretty much floated along with the Democrats in the Senate, which has been a stopper of any number of legislative approaches from the House.

Now Cheap Seats is perfectly happy to recognize the value of plumbing, particularly that of the indoor variety. Were it not for plumbing and sewer systems, the world would smell like a meeting of the Democrat National Committee after bad batch of redeye-bean chili, but we’re getting sidetracked here.

Bennet is constantly complaining that Washington, D.C., is dysfunctional and disillusioning. He’s probably right about that, but he’s not exactly putting a crack in the facade with this plumbing business when he could be taking the president aside and urging him to deal with the debt problems of his own creation.

Instead, Bennet took on the job of making sure Democrats get elected to the Senate, not exactly a position from which he can legitimately complain about partisanship and dysfunction, so he’s proving to be a large part of the problem he decries. Sort of like those plumbers who don’t quite plug the leak so the customer will be forced to call them back in a week or so.

Worst, though, is that World Plumbing Day is a distraction and part of the problem is that the capital is seriously backed up with this kind of legislation.

Bennet  would do a greater service by encouraging some sense of the reality he claims to understand and stop bending himself into a u-trap to accommodate every little special interest that floats by.

He’s not Super Mario, after all. He’s just another politico who hopes no one is watching too closely.

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2 Responses to From the Cheap Seats: The Senate’s Plumbing

  1. Roto
    March 14, 2013 at 8:17 am

    Shitty politicians!!

    • Donna Jean
      March 14, 2013 at 8:21 am

      They are leaving us in a piss poor mess!


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