Guest Commentary: Hudak, Webb, Salazar Highlight Divisive Dem Agenda

March 18, 2013

McNULTY: Democrats have excused or, worse, celebrated the repugnant behavior of their leaders instead of holding them accountable

Sexism.  Elitism. Racism.  Each of these repugnant “isms” has been displayed with shocking clarity by prominent Colorado Democrats over the last three weeks.  And each time, Colorado Democrats have excused or, worse, celebrated the repugnant behavior of their leaders instead of holding the offenders responsible for their own words.

Between the remarkably insensitive comments against rape victims provided by state Rep. Joe Salazar and state Senator Evie Hudak, or the jaw-dropping racist rant of Denver’s former mayor, Wellington Webb (as he was accepting the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Colorado Democratic Party no less), Colorado Democrats have damaged their party and damaged our state.

With each of these sexist, elitist, and racist plugs, Colorado Democrats are providing a window into how insensitive and out of touch they really are.

Colorado GOP leaders, on the other hand, stand as examples of responsible, pragmatic, positive leadership.  Sure, it’s the Salazars and the Hudaks who get the headlines, but the positive work to move our state forward is being tailored without fanfare by Republican leaders.

Legislative Republicans are fighting to ensure a great education for all of Colorado’s students, demanding that criminals be held accountable, doing our part to help make our communities safer, and responsible spending reform that contrasts sharply with debt driven D.C.

So what’s the punchline?  Colorado Democrats have become the punchline.  We are now going on four consecutive embarrassing weeks of legislative Democrats making national news for all the wrong reasons.

Worse, the Democrat majorities in our state legislature who dictate the legislative agenda have used that power to focus on everything but economic policy or putting families back to work.  Instead, they’ve pursued a radical agenda of far-reaching gun control proposals, approved legislation legalizing same-sex unions, promoted expanding sex education to first-graders, considered changes to the state’s adultery statutes, and even prohibited the docking of cow tails…what we haven’t had is any effort from House Democrats dedicated to growing the economy or creating opportunity for the people of this state.

One of the so-called “jobs” bills that Democrats have highlighted during their mid-session spinfest is a “Keep Jobs in Colorado” bill – yet their extreme agenda on gun control is in the verge of shipping the firearms industry jobs of some 700 Colorado families out of our state!

Elections have consequences and elections matter.  We’ve been told that some of the most extreme, anti-jobs bills from the Democrats are yet to come.  I didn’t believe it 10 days ago.  I believe it now.

The problem with this punchline is this: real people, real families are hurt and are hurt badly by the Democrats extreme agenda.  Jobs are lost and small businesses suffer.

We cannot afford and we will not tolerate the sexist, elitist, racist vision that Colorado Democrats are selling in Denver.  The people of Colorado rightly expect more out of their elected officials.

Even as Salazar, Hudak and Webb drive division and hate in our state, Republican leaders continue to focus on bringing Coloradans together in a common effort to make our state better.  There is always the opportunity for a better tomorrow.

Rep. Frank McNulty was Speaker of the Colorado House for the 68th General Assembly.  He represents Highlands Ranch, Colorado

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2 Responses to Guest Commentary: Hudak, Webb, Salazar Highlight Divisive Dem Agenda

  1. Dave Gill
    March 18, 2013 at 11:37 am

    Representative McNulty clearly summarized the amazing first half of this legislative session. If anything he understated the negative impact of the irresponsible and extreme bills that have come from the Democrats in this Legislature. The anti-firearms bills are so poorly written that they have been called ‘flypaper laws’ designed to ensnare unwary sportsmen. The result is apt to be out of state hunters hunting in our neighboring states rather than risk running afoul of the arcane and unreasonable restrictions in bills that are either on the Governor’s desk now or are likely to there soon. Hunting and fishing have been estimated by CDOW to contribute between $1.2 and $1.8 Billion annually to the Colorado economy. While we don’t yet know the full extent of the economic damage that these extreme bills will cause, we do know the damage will be substantial.

  2. Bob Terry
    March 30, 2013 at 9:27 am

    It is indeed, a sad state of affairs…The Democratic party has really shown its true colors. Votes and agendas have taken over true representation and common sense. We signed these gun laws into effect because it will make people feel good.. What a joke that didn’t keep the Director of Corrections from being killed..sad fact as well as the Pizza deliveryman.. When revenues dry up..we’ll get hit with a “fee”…another politically correct term for higher
    tax(es) Civil Unions…a Gay/Lesbian agenda…People said no and they go ahead and pass a law. Boulder,CO a bastion of liberalism…I don’t shop or even go up there anymore..We can smoke dope..commit adultry and get married to our “partner” Got those saftey zones..Call Boxes and rape whistles..I feel so safe already.. We’re being Californicated and eastern influenced. It took the good Ol Boys from Wise County, TX to get our murderer. I lived in TX for 5 years…they do not mess around..Period. Now the Democrat from Commerce City ..lets give illegals drivers licenses…just like illegal state tuition breaks…REWARD BAD AND ILLEGAL BEHAVIOR..We’ll be safer…NO we won’t…Buys votes and we’re all warm and fuzzy… We’ll soon be paying the piper…and the BIG DUH look on the faces that put those into power, maybe the light will come on… WAKE UP….Like a frog in cold water and a slow boil dead before yer aware….


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