Gun Rights Backers Ask Hick to Veto Mag Ban

March 14, 2013

READILY CONVERTIBLE: Jon Caldara demonstrates how easily a 15-round magazine can be expanded to a 17-round magazine by snapping on an extender

DENVER–Colorado gun-rights advocates launched a last-ditch effort Thursday to convince Gov. John Hickenlooper to veto a bill limiting ammunition capacity, but if the governor signs it, they’re prepared to take the issue to the voters.

At least two efforts are underway to overturn House Bill 1224, which bans the sale and transfer of ammunition magazines holding more than 15 rounds.

One campaign, called, is led by former University of Colorado Regent Tom Lucero.

In a statement on the website, Lucero says that the bill “contains a loophole that will ban certain shotguns and they’ll be back for more later.”

“While the Colorado legislature has focused on infringing on the rights of both everyday citizens and hunters, is working to harness the power of ordinary, taxpaying Coloradans to band together and take a firm stand against this clear overreach by the Colorado legislature,” said Lucero.

A second effort to repeal the bill, led by two Littleton men, has been filed with the Colorado Secretary of State’s office. The proposed constitutional amendment would require voters to change laws on ammunition and magazine capacity.

Meanwhile, Independence Institute president Jon Caldara released a video Thursday urging Hickenlooper to veto the bill. The one-minute video was spreading Thursday on Twitter and elsewhere on the Internet.

In the video, Caldara shows that his Glock handgun can be easily converted from a 15-round magazine to a 17-round magazine by snapping on a two-round extender. As a result, he said, the popular pistol magazine would be illegal under the bill.

“Remember, it’s not the extender that’s illegal, it’s the magazine because it can be extended, just like every other gun in Colorado,” says Caldara. “If this law passes, almost all guns in Colorado will never be able to get a magazine again.”

The governor has said he will sign the bill, which gained final passage in the legislature Wednesday, but gun-rights advocates are hoping he will change his mind.

“Well @hickforco it’s up to you. CO values or NYC values? Outsource jobs or build the economy?” said state Sen Greg Brophy (R-Wray) in a tweet to the governor.

The Caldara video can be viewed below.

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5 Responses to Gun Rights Backers Ask Hick to Veto Mag Ban

  1. RichardD
    March 15, 2013 at 12:13 pm

    Effective legislation improving security at malls, theaters and schools, where most mass shootings occur, is needed to get them stopped. Because they are easily preventable tragedies that are being used for gun control to take away our gun rights and personal and collective security freedoms. Something as simple as requiring schools to have a security office with a gun safe with pistols and carbines that staff can use to stop a mass shooting before the police get there. Would go a long ways towards deterring mass shootings from occurring, and stopping them quickly if they do start.

  2. rlloyd
    March 15, 2013 at 8:44 pm

    Its simply amazing that when a bad-situation arises; most politicians rise to pass redundant laws that do absolutely nothing, and makes them look like they care or are doing their jobs. In most cases they are after the votes at re-election time. They need to listen to the people, and not the manufactured polls or metrics. The Dems need to worry about getting thrown out of office, when re-election time comes around, and then they have to get a real job.


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