Our View: New Gun Contol Laws Defy Common Sense

March 21, 2013

We are surprised by just how sloppy and nonsensical these gun control measures really are

A time-tested rule of governing is to never, ever legislate on things you don’t understand.  Unfortunately for Colorado, elected officials with names like Fields, McCann, Morse and Hickenlooper have chosen to ignore this rule in favor of their own ambition and political hubris.

Not letting their own lack of knowledge of all things firearms stop them, Colorado Democrats leased the Colorado Capitol out to New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Vice President Joe Biden to pass House Bill 1224, House Bill 1228 and House Bill 1229.

Despite staking out a position against new gun control measures in the immediate aftermath of the horrific Aurora theatre shooting last year, The Governor of Denver, John Hickenlooper, ultimately capitulated and signed these new gun control bills yesterday.

What surprises us is just how sloppy and nonsensical these measures really are.

First, House Bill 1224, the standard capacity magazine ban, is full of loopholes, is unenforceable and flat out doesn’t make sense.  Despite promises from many Colorado based manufacturers — such as Magpul — to leave Colorado if this ban took effect, Hickenlooper and his allies cried “damn the torpedoes!” and pushed the measures through. Now, Magpul and a handful of other Colorado companies will be leaving the state and taking good, middle-class jobs with them.

The other two measures being rammed down Colorado’s throat by Bloomberg, Hickenlooper and their gun control allies have to do with criminal background checks for would-be gun purchasers.

House Bill 1228 gives the Colorado Bureau of Investigation a blank check to determine how much Joe Sixpack should pay to allow the State of Colorado to check his background before he purchases a legal product.

House Bill 1229 requires “universal” background checks so that if Joe Sixpack decides to sell his .22 rifle to his buddy next door, they have to drive down to a local gun shop to have a background check performed first.

While passing these measures may make legislative leaders feel good, we wonder how they could possibly be enforced without a matching “universal” gun registry that tracks the transfer of every single firearm in the State of Colorado.  But, alas, don’t let practical questions and concerns get in the way of passing something – anything – to send a message that Colorado Democrats are “taking on the NRA.”

While we find Hickenlooper’s blatant disregard for the will of his constituents reprehensible, we were sure glad to see the ban on concealed carry on college campuses die right alongside Senate President John Morse’s sloppy, wet kiss to trial lawyers in the form of an “assault weapons liability” bill.

Count us amongst those chomping at the bit to see Hizzoner, Mr. Hickenlooper, travel to places like Durango, Fruita, Fort Garland and Colorado Springs to explain his position on these measures as he seeks a second term next year

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One Response to Our View: New Gun Contol Laws Defy Common Sense

  1. wrongheifer
    March 21, 2013 at 12:33 pm

    The obama bootlickers will be removed by the people of this state, either by recall or vote… Their ‘feel good’ legislation will become ash on the rubbish heaps. The ramrodding will cease when we remove these ‘progressive Communists’…


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