From the Cheap Seats: Far Left Fibbing About Fracking

April 16, 2013

The video challenges anti-fracking claims made by Boulder Commissioner (and longtime green lobby activist) Elise Jones

Surprisingly, Elise Jones has been caught in the act of making it up as she goes along.  Not that it was a surprise that Jones, the longtime head of the Colorado Environmental Coalition, was, shall we say, uninformed in her debate recently with Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper.

Nor was it surprising that Jones figured she could just make stuff up. The surprise was that someone might actually listen to Jones’ made-up massacre of the facts and nail her on it.

Jones, now a Boulder county commissioner (because you know Boulder insists on the absolute best, if by “best,” one means completely destitute of facts and divorced from reality) proved she is a true representative of the People’s Republic.

The guys there at Energy in Depth had the presence of mind to post a video of the Jones tour de farce on youtube and the results are, well, illuminating.

Jones, well known for her mastery of barnyard scatology, showed off her agricultural skilz, as they call them in Boulder, in discussing how it is that agriculture and hydraulic fracturing are just wrong for one another.

Of course it wouldn’t occur to Jones to know that natural gas is a significant contributor to fertilizer, which farmers have been known to use in the course of their business – growing stuff.

Jones, however, proved herself a master sloganeer, declaring that we should “not frack first and ask questions later.”

Funny how Jones and her ilk are all for killing the economy without asking any questions about that whatsoever.

“Commissioner Jones used to work for environmental activists, but now she works for taxpayers, and they deserve better than this. Her talking points, which came directly from the activist playbook, have been thoroughly discredited by scientists, state regulators and senior officials in the federal government,” said Simon Lomax, the Denver-based research director for Energy In Depth.

Actually, some environmental activists have figured it out, as demonstrated two years ago by Scott Anderson of the Environmental Defense Fund, who said that fracking is safe.

“I think in the vast majority of cases, if wells are constructed right and operated right, that hydraulic fracturing will not cause a problem,” Anderson said.

Cheap Seats figures that Jones just missed that bit of information. Surely it’s not like she actually knows of what she speaks and tries to look ignorant in service of some political goal. That would be cynical and so unlike the Colorado environmental movement.

Nah, that could never happen. And Al Gore isn’t into global warming for the money ($500 million from Qatar for his television network,) Barack Obama is a real skinflint with other people’s money and Mark Udall hasn’t made a dime of enviro-scares even though his wife, Maggie Fox, sells more frights on less evidence than M. Night Shyamalan.

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One Response to From the Cheap Seats: Far Left Fibbing About Fracking

  1. wrongheifer
    April 16, 2013 at 5:53 pm

    Laughable…this woman has input and we don’t…Despicable!


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