From the Cheap Seats: Fisker’s Fiscal Fiasco

April 11, 2013

Fisker is looking a lot like the motorized version of Solyndra and Abound

A funny thing happened to the taxpayers of 2025. They just got a heck of a shock from from an electric car.  Those poor kids have been Fiskered and they don’t even know it.  But they will.

The California-based company Fisker Automotive got $500 million from the freespending Obama administration – and if you want to think of it as half a billion bucks, feel free -  and Fisker promptly went out of business.

Fisker laid off 160 employees this month, leaving them with a few extra dollars for unused vacation time.

Observers said problems with batteries and “regulatory issues” contributed to Fisker’s demise.

Leave it to the Obama administration to dish out wads of cash without giving a thought to whether the regulations the administration so loves might inhibit any effort to reach to goals of the giveaway.

Unless, of course, the idea was to siphon taxpayer money into partisan political spending by Democrats, in which case the plan worked out splendidly.

If the scenario sounds familiar, it should.  Solyndra, Abound Solar. Fisker Automotive. The three “companies” received billions and accomplished nothing , but taxpayers will be stuck with the bill for years to come.

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