From the Cheap Seats: Tax Day Propaganda

April 15, 2013

ProgressNow has encouraged supporters of the left-wing agenda to take to Twitter with the hashtag #ProudToPay

If you’re grumbling about filing your taxes today, look on the bright side: You’re part of the revolution.

The tireless lefties at ProgressNow Colorado, who are never so upbeat as when they’re taking other people’s money, have an April 15 Facebook post that combines the best of the Cultural Revolution with a dash of the old Soviet Union’s Young Pioneers. It shows a line of smiling schoolchildren with the message, “Taxes Teach Kids.”

The post goes on to encourage supporters of the left-wing agenda to take to Twitter with the hashtag #ProudToPay.

“Got your taxes done? Great! Now join us on Facebook and Twitter all day on #TaxDay as we talk about what we’re proud our taxes pay for,” chirps the message.

The irony, of course, is that the divide between those who pay taxes and those who don’t has never been so stark. ProgressNow undoubtedly recalls how Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney was demonized in 2012 for saying at a fundraiser that he’ll never be able to win the votes of the 47 percent who don’t pay taxes.

What the ProgressNow post essentially amounts to is a big wet raspberry to those who do pay taxes. Instead of #ProudtoPay, a more accurate hashtag would have been, #Thanksforfundingourleft-wingagenda,suckers.

In an effort to bring transparency and honesty back to Colorado politics, we humbly offer a suggestion to ProgressNow for their next tax-day missive: Instead of kids, line up a row of smiling union officials. The message? “Taxes Fund Democrats.”

That’s what really has the gang at ProgressNow so tickled about April 15. The average American’s tax dollars are increasingly going to pay the salaries of government workers, who are now the most unionized sector of the U.S. economy. That’s more money in the pockets of union officials, which of course means more campaign dollars for Democrats.

All the left-wing propaganda in the world can’t obscure that fact. If ProgressNow really wanted to do something to cheer up Colorado taxpayers, the group could endorse something really radical, like tax cuts.

Otherwise, we’re afraid that today’s message from the Committee in Defense of the Revolution isn’t going to make the average Colorado taxpayer feel any better. If anything, by reminding taxpayers where their money is really going, ProgressNow has probably made a bad day worse.

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