From the Cheap Seats: Where’s Michael?

April 23, 2013

Now you know why Bennet hasn’t been on TV pitching the immigration bill he helped write

A hearty tongue-in-cheek congratulations is in order for Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee Chairman and U.S. Senator Michael Bennet (D-Colorado).

You see, according to Bennet’s buddy Alison Sherry at the Denver Post, the DSCC has broken its previous fundraising record – raising a whopping $13.6 million so far this year under Mr. Bennet’s leadership.

To those of you wondering why you haven’t seen our junior senator participating in press conferences or television interviews to pitch the much-anticipated immigration reform bill that he helped to author, now you know.

Dialing for dollars and making promises to big donors takes a personal touch – and lots of travel to such daunting places as New York City, Florida and even god-forsaken haunts like Beverly Hills.

That likely leaves Mr. Bennet with little time to talk to the press about things like his immigration bill (although in fairness, it seems as though Florida Republican Marco Rubio is working harder to pitch the package than the other seven members of the “Gang of Eight” combined).

To be sure, no one should be surprised by Mr. Bennet’s fundraising prowess.  Being raised inside the Beltway in a politically-connected family is bound to give one a leg up on power and influence.  Mr. Bennet’s pedigree also helps explain his meteoric rise since arriving in the U.S. Senate in 2009.

So the next time Coloradans find themselves wondering: “where’s Michael?” … just assume he’s in a Wall Street board room or at a Hollywood fundraiser taking advantage of those connections to help expand the bank account, campaign machinery and national agenda of the Democratic Party.

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