New Ad Highlights Clash Over Education Reform in Douglas County

April 15, 2013

The ad highlights the school board’s decision to stop subsidizing the salaries of union officials

DENVER – The Douglas County School Board has a new ally in its ongoing struggle with union backers over the direction of district schools.  That ally, The Douglas County Educational Alliance, has released a new ad defending the board’s decision to cut off public support for union salaries.

From 2007 to 2012, union executives received a combined $1.2 million in taxpayer subsidies from the district.

The dustup emerged after the board decided to end the practice of using tax dollars to pay salaries and benefits for union officials.  Until recently, a number of full-time union leaders were collecting district salaries despite spending no time in the classroom.

The television ad, entitled titled ‘Kids First,’ lauds the district for its achievements and for voting “to keep taxpayer dollars in our classrooms instead of union pockets.”

Graphics in the ad cite an Associated Press report about the district ending the long time practice as the names of the unions — The AFL-CIO, American Federation of Teachers, the pro-union political group Douglas County Classrooms — appear in dark letters on a cloudy sky.

The ad also notes that the unions have sued the school district.

Critics have attacked the unions and their backers for launching what they say are deceptive and misleading attacks.

The Douglas County Educational Alliance is headed by former Castle Rock Mayor Randy Reed.

The ad is embedded below.

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