Our View: Controversial Voting Bill Invites Fraud

April 19, 2013

ACORN 2.0? Same-day voting and a lack of photo-ID requirements will make it easier for ineligible voters to commit fraud

Being clueless about guns didn’t stop Colorado Democrats from forcing through gun-control legislation, and apparently being clueless about voting won’t stop them from mucking up the state’s elections system, either.

House Democrats gave initial approval to a sweeping election-reform bill late Thursday, even after House Republicans pointed out that some of those who supported the bill were unaware of the state’s voting requirements.

“They’re wearing blinders and refusing to allow any constructive input from the other side of the aisle,” said Minority Leader Mark Waller (R-Colorado Springs). “Democrats refused to include Colorado’s top election official or any Republican lawmaker in their bill’s drafting process, and their ignorance of our electoral process shows because of it.”

House Bill 1303 creates the potential for a voter-fraud nightmare by allowing residents to register and vote on Election Day, giving county clerks no time to check their status. House Democrats argued that the bill safeguards against fraud because Coloradans need a state driver’s license, an identification card or Social Security number in order to register.

“When a Colorado citizen registers to vote, he or she is required to provide their driver license number of Colorado ID card number #coleg,” said Colorado House Democrats in a late-night Thursday tweet.

Wrong. Under Colorado law, a person only needs to print a valid address on the state’s voter-registration form. No form of identification is required. In order to cast a ballot, a registered voter must produce a form of identification, but it can be something as ambiguous as a utility bill showing that person’s name and address.

House Republicans attempted to rectify the problem by introducing amendments to require photo identification when voting, but to nobody’s surprise, House Democrats defeated the amendments.

“It’s extremely disturbing,” said Waller in a statement. “The Democrats’ bill will forever change the way Coloradans register to vote and they don’t even understand the current holes that exist in our registration system.”

Democrats, meanwhile, cheered the passage of HB 1303, which they refer to as an “election modernization bill.”

“Our lives have changed and elections need to keep pace,” said Rep. Dickey Lee Hullinghorst (D-Boulder) in a statement. “A 30-day cutoff for elections was required when voters had to register on paper. In the Internet age we have the technology to ease those deadlines.”

The dirty little secret here is that voter fraud kind of works for Democrats. Same-day voting and no photo-identification requirements make it easier to sign up and move ineligible voters to the polls. And for whatever reason, these unscrupulous get-out-the-vote drives (remember ACORN?) inevitably seem to benefit Democrats.

The Denver Post editorial board has come out against the bill, and let’s face it, when the Denver Post can’t support a Democratic bill, that’s a sure sign that a major problem exists. The editorial argues that more time is needed “for development and testing of same-day registration technology.”

Let’s hope Senate Democrats listen to their friends at the Post by defeating HB 1303.

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3 Responses to Our View: Controversial Voting Bill Invites Fraud

  1. rlloyd
    April 21, 2013 at 2:44 pm

    What is so hard about showing a state ID or drivers license to vote. Even the illegals can buy them on the black market, but maybe they will find it harder. I do not think showing a ID is that hard to do.

    • hsabin
      April 21, 2013 at 6:16 pm

      Then what excuse would they have for calling whites and the GOP racist?? its another stud excuse used by DEMS to pursue their agenda – keep the poor poor and dependent on the government.

  2. hsabin
    April 21, 2013 at 6:15 pm

    Democraps don’t want ID as many votes for obama came from this state and from illegals. The Sec of State reported about 6 precincts where there was 110% voting participation. The Dems needs to go!!


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