From the Cheap Seats: Does the Green Lobby Want Another Dark Age?

May 31, 2013
Had J.R.R Tolkien foreseen bureaucratic orcs, he may have seen this coming

Had J.R.R Tolkien foreseen bureaucratic orcs, he might have anticipated this

Had J.R.R. Tolkien foreseen bureaucratic orcs, he might have anticipated this.  On second thought, maybe not.

Seems the environmental community has new weapon: darkness.

Yep, according to the environmental types, a coal mine in Utah ought not expand because the lighting needed for the project could hamper the nighttime views of stars at Bryce Canyon National Park some 12 miles off in the distance.

The club of choice in this matter is the National Park Service’s “Starry Starry Night” program. No word about any other homages to Jim McClean and Cheap Seats shudders to think of what will happen if the Park Service decides to commemorate “American Pie.”

Don’t go there. Cheap Seats refers to the song, as in “Bye, bye, Miss …”

Under the “Starry, Starry Nights” program , Americans are to be restored their, and we kid you not, “our heritage of starry skies.”

Seems to Cheap Seats that the American heritage has been one of rescuing itself, and others, from darkness, literally and figuratively, but hey, this is the National Park Service we’re talking about.

Starry Starry Nights supposedly will “lead the way in protecting natural darkness as a precious resource and create a model for dark sky protection by establishing America’s first Dark Sky Cooperative on the Colorado Plateau.”

How special.

It’s under the auspices of the Dark Sky Cooperative that the Pals of Al Gore are hoping to prevent development of the American West and in fact cause dislocation in the already developed areas, such as Los Angeles.

See, the mine the enviros are working to halt the Alton Coal Mine in Kane County. Alton doesn’t do much, other than supply the coal for a quarter of the electricity used in LA.

So, for the enviros, it’s a double-kill. Destroy a small county and put a serious damper on a major one.

It’s the kind of thing that even Sauron might approve, him having a heritage of darkness after all.

Cheap Seats, however, thinks that the enviros might be onto something. Perhaps there is an American heritage of darkness, but the enviros are just off on its location.

There’s a place where industry has been shattered, lights darkened and people drive away. It’s called Detroit. There’s the place for the Starry, Starry Nights program.

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