From the Cheap Seats: Gore Pollution

May 28, 2013
it's not about green, unless we're talking about Al Gore's bank account

It’s not “green”, unless we’re talking about Al Gore’s bank account

Al Gore is once again testing the limits of collective gullibility with Mrs. Sen. Mark Udall, aka Maggie Fox, and their joint venture, the Climate Reality Project, better known as CRaP.

The next dog-and-manbearpigpony show they have planned is a webinar on May 30 in which participants will take part in a discussion “that will cover the unique vantage point that healthcare providers bring to our understanding of the impacts of carbon pollution, and cover topics such as how climate change affects our health—and what it costs us.”

By the “cost of carbon pollution,” are Gore and Ma Udall referring to sudden starvation across the planet? Cheap Seats has to ask because a surfeit of carbon would translate into a greener world, literally, as grasses, trees, grains all grow as they make use of the carbon in the atmosphere, which sounds something other than menacing.

In fact carbon “pollution” sounds more and more like a good thing, if you like, well, life.

Somehow Cheap Seats suspects that the dog-and-manbearpigpony show that hits the airwaves (and how does it penetrate all that carbon anyway?) will fail to address the pressing issue of life and the things it requires.

Of course, it’s not about green, unless we’re talking about Al Gore’s bank account, which is swelled with half a billion petrobucks from the boys at Al Jazeera.

Good thing for Al that hyposcrisy isn’t measured in carbon equivalents or we’d be talking “Gore pollution,” the kind that greens only wallets and only a few – those of Al and Ma Udall – particularly.

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