From the Cheap Seats: Obama’s Enemies List

May 15, 2013

Mr. Obama chiding the IRS for harassing conservative groups is about as believable as Jordan criticizing the ref who didn’t call him for pushing off in the 98 finals

Cheap Seats has noticed that President Obama has declared it “outrageous” that the Internal Revenue Service targeted his political opposition, or as he calls them, “enemies,” during the heat of the 2012 presidential campaign in which Obama triumphed over Mitt Romney.

The Internal Revenue Service (which is a part of the Treasury Department, formerly overseen by Timothy “I don’t pay no stinkin’ taxes” Geithner) worked zealously to paralyze Obama’s opposition. Any organization seeking to gain non-profit status that included in its names the words “conservative” or “tea party,” it seems, was harassed, delayed and intimidated into silence.

Obama, upon learning of the actions of the IRS, declared he has “no patience with it.”

Which sounds to Cheap Seats as though Obama was “impatient” all the way to the inauguration.

And that has us wondering, what if others reacted to similar situations as sincerely as Obama?

Michael Jordan, for instance, might criticize the refs who failed to call him for pushing off against Byron Russell, a onetime Denver Nugget, in the 1998 NBA playoffs.

O.J. Simpson might similarly issue a sternly worded statement condemning the shoddy police and prosecutorial work that resulted in him getting away with murder.

It’s of course every bit as likely that Josh McDaniels harshly denounces the use of cameras to spy on opponents’ practices.

Tellingly, Obama offered no apologies, but he did say that he’d get to the bottom of it.  Which means, of course, he hasn’t found a fall guy quite yet. George W. Bush doesn’t look much like a suspect, sadly for Obama.

Given that Obama heads the government that took out after Obama’s opposition, it seems likely that we’ll never find out from the executive branch, headed by Obama, just who was responsible for what Obama now calls an outrage.

The fact of the matter is that if the president wants to see who is responsible, he needs to look into the mirror.  Which, by the way, he excels at.

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