From the Cheap Seats: The Climate Change Tornado

May 13, 2013

GLOBAL WARMING? The tornado count seems to be among the lowest on record thanks to the cold spring

The echo chambers of the Church of Global Warming are reverberating like the bottom of Keith Richards drums with the news that the carbon dioxide content of the atmosphere is hooting off the charts.  Not so effusive are they, however, about the paucity of tornados in the Midwest.

In the past, we’ve all had to duck and cover when the inevitable F2 roared through a town, or to the inevitable delight of the Maureen Dowd types, a trailer park. 

Give a shyster a twister, and there will be no end to the sanctimonious browbeatings.  Such as Dr. Kevin Trenberth, described as one of the world’s top climate scientists, who has carried on about how it’s just oh-so  “irresponsible not to mention climate change” in the context of  tornadoes making their runs down, uh, Tornado Alley.

Trenberth must be curled up in his root cellar these days as the folks at NOAA have noted that the year between May 2012 and April 2013 there were 197 tornadoes rated EF1 or stronger.  That number, says tornado expert Harold Brooks, is apparently a record low for U.S. tornadoes in a 12-month period.  As is the volume on Trenberth’s usual high dudgeon.

“Anybody? Anybody at all? Bueller? Trenberth?”

Looks as though the seven Americans who died in tornadoes during that time is the fewest in more than a century (five people died between September 1899 and August 1900, according to Brooks, research meteorologist with the National Severe Storms Laboratory in Norman, Oklahoma).

In fact, according the delightfully monikered Greg Carbin, the tornado count seems to be approaching the lower 10 percent of all years on record (Carbin is a storm warning coordination meteorologist with the Storm Prediction Center — also in Norman).

The reason appears to be the cold spring this year.

“Generally, the lower the temperature and/or the drier the air, the lower the number of thunderstorms,” AccuWeather meteorologist Alex Sosnowski said.

But, Cheap Seats wants to know, isn’t cooler weather antithetical to global warming?  Especially when carbon-dioxide levels are shooting through the supposed roof?

Hard questions, those. With no answers from the warmers.

Happier days for them are coming though. It will soon be summer, when the doomsaying is easy.

Perhaps then we’ll hear from the “experts.” Anyone? Trenberth? Anyone at all?

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