Illegal Immigrants Score Big Legislative Gains With Help of Unions, Hickenlooper

May 10, 2013

Illegal immigrants are among this legislative session’s biggest winners

DENVER– Illegal immigrants are among this legislative session’s biggest winners, scoring big victories on in-state college tuition for undocumented students, and immunity from law enforcement reporting their presence to federal immigration authorities – both signed into law by Democratic Governor John Hickenlooper.  And the haul may not be over just yet.

Two other illegal immigrant-friendly measures are pending, and will likely be signed by Hickenlooper.

One measure would grant driver licenses and identity cards to undocumented foreigners, and the other would reform state election laws to allow same-day voter registration to anyone with a utility bill.  Neither would require a photo ID card.

All of the bills were backed by immigrant advocacy groups, Democrats and labor unions in Colorado, which have funded the Democrat legislators’ election campaigns.

“We believe in a pathway to citizenship for all immigrants,” said Jan Manis, a union member of SEIU Local 105. “Second class status is not an option that we accept for working families.”

Democrat Reps. Joe Salazar of Thornton, Sen. Jessie Ulibarri of Commerce City and Sen. Angela Giron of Denver spoke at a rally in support of federal immigration reform on the West Capitol steps. The rally drew a crowd of undocumented workers and union members on May 1, International Workers Day.

“[T]ell members of the [U.S.] Senate Judiciary Committee that our border is more secured than ever! Immigration reform must include a path to citizenship without delay and without unnecessary obstacles,” states the Mi Familia Vota Colorado website.

The problem with Colorado’s election reform act bill, opponents argue, is that opens the door to voter fraud because same-day voter registration without a photo ID can’t be verified.  They worry that all that is required is a utility bill showing a voter registrant has lived in a precinct for 22 days which could entice individuals to move into the state or illegal immigrants to register and cast a vote. Those votes could affect the outcome of an election.

“Voting is the hallmark to our democracy, we need to make it more convenient,” said Giron, who sponsored the bill with Democrat Reps. Dickey Lee Hullinghorst of Longmont and Dan Pabon of Denver.

“It creates a clear path to voter fraud – for people to steal elections,” said Sen. Greg Brophy (R-Wray).

Immigrant advocacy groups and labor unions are politically motivated and involved in the process. Mi Familia Vota posted an ad seeking canvassers, who speak English and Spanish, “to help increase civic participation in the Latino community and help pass immigration reform.”

The $12-an hour job includes door-to-door voter registration. An audit of Colorado’s active registered voters last year turned up some non-citizens.

The Senate approved a bill Tuesday that would grant state-issued identity cards and driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants. To be eligible, applicants provide a copy of their state tax return, a federal ID number and a passport, military ID or consulate card from their country of origin.

Democrats rejected amendments proposed by Republicans that would have required a photo ID to prove a person’s identity and fingerprints put through a background check.

“This bill addresses a public safety concern that’s been lacking for years,” said Rep. Jovan Melton (D-Aurora). “That is making sure all residents using our roads know the rules regardless of documentation.”

Rep. Dan Nordberg (R-Colorado Springs) said, “This bill is being pushed as a public safety measure, but I believe it will have the opposite effect.”

“There is no mechanism in this bill to check the criminal background of applicants,” added Nordberg. “…Why are we giving special rights to non-citizens?”

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7 Responses to Illegal Immigrants Score Big Legislative Gains With Help of Unions, Hickenlooper

  1. Kay
    May 10, 2013 at 9:23 pm

    Governor you are an idiot. How many more college age Colorado kids will not get into schools now that these undocumented and illegal kids can get tuition? And how many Colorado jobs are going be lost to the idiots that pay cash to undocumented workers because they were for cash and pay no taxes, while Colorado citizens more qualified and are citizens of this state and country can’t find a job because some undocumented illegal person got the job? I personally know employers who will hire undocumented over documented just because they can pay them lower wages, under the table and not pay taxes. This is so wrong. Shouldn’t Colorado citizens and kids come first? If they are undocumented it is because they are here illegally! Send them back and make them go through the proper procedures to become citizens. Don’t let them sneak over the border and into Colorado and take our jobs and schools from our kids who were born here as citizens of two parents who were legal citizens. This is just so wrong!!!!!!!!! Born and raised in Colorado 3 generations deep.

  2. rlloyd
    May 14, 2013 at 9:19 pm

    Hickenlooper is turning this state into a third-world sanctuary. He is granting them drivers lcenses, in-state tuition, which is leading to voter fraud. You have to be a citizen of the US and resident of Colorado to vote, what part of that does the Govenor not understand. I am shocked no one (yet)has not brought a lwsuit against the in-state tuition bill. Sooner or later, some kid and his family (from out of state) will sue because he is paying out-of-state rates while a non-citizen is paying a lot cheaper. The illegals are already stressing out the elementary and High Schools as it is, but I am sure the teacher unions love it as its job security, and kids whose parents can afford it, send them off to private schools, or home-school them. Hickelooper is bucking for something bigger and its not here in Colorado.


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