From the Cheap Seats: Verizon Wiretaps and the UN Gun Ban

June 6, 2013
At least Kerry said he was going to sign the treaty. It's not like he was for it before he was against it

At least Kerry said he was going to sign the treaty. It’s not like he was for it before he was against it

President Obama’s small-bore secretary of state, John Kerry, has come out to say that he just can’t wait to sign a U.N. treaty on arms control, a major goal of which is, as is the case with most gun-control proposals, to disarm Americans under the guise of keeping weapons out of the hands of terrorists.

Cheap Seats has learned, interestingly, since Kerry’s announcement on the gun-control treaty, that his boss has demanded the phone records of all Americans who use Verizon.

Cheap Seats seems to recall that Kerry and Obama were horrified that President George W. Bush wanted records of calls coming into the United States from potential terrorists. Now Obama wants to listen in on calls made from within the United States.

By the Bush standard, that would make all Americans potential terrorists, would it not?

Kind of makes Cheap Seats wonder what Obama does all day in the Oval Office.

But then Cheap Seats started connecting dots. Kerry likes his gun-control and Obama likes listening on Americans.

Kinda creepy.

Cheap Seats is a bit afraid to find out what Homeland Security Janet Napalm-itano, er Napolitano, does with her free time. Sort  of like Scrooge, she probably sits around, counting the bullets she’s been buying with tax money, driving up prices for private buyers.

And we already know that Attorney General Eric Holder, when not running guns to Mexican cartels, likes to spy on reporters.

All of which makes Cheap Seats kind of think Kerry is getting a bad rap.  At least Kerry said he was going to sign the treaty. It’s not like he was for it before he was against it.

Kerry, when it comes to firearms, is at least stupefyingly consistent in this case.  Not that there’s anything right with that.

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2 Responses to From the Cheap Seats: Verizon Wiretaps and the UN Gun Ban

  1. Bob Terry
    June 12, 2013 at 3:48 pm

    The UN small arms treaty .. THE “UN” the biggest bunch of crooks and swidlers since a small town Carnival. And Obama says I uh will vote this a uh in…because the American people uh who I uh ah support uhhh really want me to… No we don’t the libs want.. There is no representation there is no Voice…its what Obama and the Liberal Left want… Look at this administration…all of them should be behind bars…Transparancy… Like looking thru frosted glass or a sheet of plywood. This is a total joke …but really SHHHH it George Bush’s fault.. Obama is a puppet with a good ventriloquist doing and working the strings…This man is NOT a Leader period.

  2. wwstick
    September 26, 2013 at 1:25 pm

    The fact that someone in the administration isnt thinking is not a new thing. First of all, who, as a commander, in his right mind would take on over 50 million armed patriots? If you include all the armies in the world, China is the largest with a reported 2 million, you come up about 38 million short. It would be historically the greatest defeat of an leader anywhere anytime. Next, you hear ‘they’ would control the airspace. Well, Russia controlled the airspace in Afghanistan and were soundly defeated by a bunch of camel jockeys. It is impossible to hide fighter jets and attack helicopters. With millions of (Armed) citizens living near all the major civilian and military airports, a $1.00 bullet can destroy a $10 million dollar military airplane.
    The real unknown is whether American troops would even fire on American citizens. In 1991 when they passed around the document to all military personnel asking them if they would disarm American citizens in their homes, about 91% threw them in the trash can. Remember that was “Disarm” not fire upon. If you do the numbers, it is a losing proposition for NATO or any NWO mercenary force, or anyone for that matter. Sure, the NWO would love to see us disarmed. Remember Germany in the late ’30s? Registration then confiscation then bullying and murdering their own citizens. It is not going to happen in the good ole USA. If it came to it we could evict the UN from our soil and use that building for other useful, peaceful purposes.
    With over 50 million armed patriots standing firm, and they will, if DHS has 10 billion rounds of ammo, there is not enough military personnel to use it! And as someone once said, “There is no need for the citizens to stock up on military ammo because every fallen soldier you step over will have a supply of ammo they surely wont be needing any more.”
    With all the NATO troops and armor already in the US, if you do the math, they would last maybe a week.
    We would have a good use for the concentration camps that have been built though. All those who were leading the charge, politicians and all, would be interred. I would hate to see all those concentration camps go to waste.
    PS: All the ammo purchased by DHS is outlawed ‘hollowpoint’ ammo. Not to be used in by any country at any time on a battlefield.


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