From the Cheap Seats: The Real Green

June 17, 2013
No, not that kind of green

No, not that kind of green

Cheap Seats has to  make a confession: We’re  closet greens.  The real green.  Green, as in more trees, more lawns, more plants, more ferns, forbs and all that jazz.

All that flora depends on carbon dioxide to get green and, thankfully, there’s plenty of it as the concentration of carbon dioxide is approaching 400 parts per million.

That’s parts per million units of atmosphere. It has nothing to do with Al “Show me the money” Gore’s bank account, bloated as it is with petrodough from the Middle East.

Cheap Seats realizes that 400 ppm is actually pretty low. In terms of the geological record, earth is in a carbon dioxide famine, as they like to say. The earth has been ice covered even when carbon dioxide has reached 8000 ppm.

That’s one reason Cheap Seats is skeptical about Gore and his pal, Maggie Fox, aka Mrs. Sen Mark Udall of Colorado, and her Climate Reality Project, CRaP.

But what’s bringing Cheap Seats out of the closet is, well, green.

Researchers using something called “Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer data” for the period between 1981 and 2006 said the vegetation cover in Australia had increased about 8 percent.

According to the abstract of the study, “the overall response of vegetation over the past two to three decades has resulted in an observable greening of the driest inhabited continent on Earth.”

So what’s up in Aussieland?

Carbon dioxide, mate.

Cheap Seats figures that if carbon dioxide can put some green in Oz (the Emerald Isle of the Southern Hemisphere?) then it might accomplish other miracles, though Cheap Seats doubts any amount of CO2 fertilizer could help the green lobby, which is nose-deep in the other kind.

Still. Cheap Seats likes the green. The more green, the more food for cattle and the more cattle, the more steak.

So Cheap Seats is going green. Call us “Green-piece” because everyone should get a piece of the green.

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