Our View: Colorado’s Unpopular Governor

June 17, 2013
Alarm bells must be ringing in the Hick 2014 camp

FALLING POPULARITY: Alarm bells must be ringing at the Hick 2014 camp

We’re not surprised that recent polling data suggests that Coloradans have turned on the feckless man currently occupying the governor’s chair.

With half of the state on fire and the other half reeling from crushing new mandates like the green lobby’s Senate Bill 252, the quirky mayor-turned-governor seems hell bent on reinforcing his set of Denver-comes-first public lands and economic policies.

As other media outlets have reported, Governor Hickenlooper was presented with a real plan during this past legislative session to create a fleet of air tankers within the Colorado Department of Public Safety.  In classic John Hickenlooper fashion, the Governor signed the bill but failed to instruct his puppets on the legislature’s Joint Budget Committee to find $17 million to pay for it.  While the Denver Post is quite content to give the state’s chief executive a complete pass on this issue, we say not so fast.

While working with members of both parties under the dome to establish this program might not have resulted in having planes ready to fly this week, we would sure be closer than we are as of this moment.

He also might have seen fit to skip a recent fundraiser at the height of the Black Forest Fire.

In a moment of terrible optics, Governor Hickenlooper hosted a high dollar fundraiser to kick off his re-election campaign last week while houses were burning by the hundreds down in Colorado Springs. Rather than skip the event, in order to focus his energy on making sure the necessary firefighting resources were in place, the governor decided attending a political event was the best use of his time and resources.

Furthermore, if Governor Hickenlooper’s administration was serious about demanding more from the federal government with respect to fire prevention in the form of healthy forest treatments and measures, perhaps hundreds of families wouldn’t be displaced as of this very moment.

There’s no doubt about it: being the governor is a hard job.  But from our perspective, the job could be markedly easier if the occupant knew who to stand up to.

Convicted murderers are the bad guys, not law abiding gun owners.

Green energy groups looking for a mandated handout from the taxpayers are the bad guys, not rural rate payers looking to keep their electricity costs in check.

Whether Governor Hickenlooper is getting bad advice or if he’s merely relying on his own political barometer to guide the ship of the Centennial State, alarm bells must be ringing in the Hick 2014 camp.

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