Our View: On the Ropes, Morse, Giron Embrace Tammany Hall Tactics

June 28, 2013
Efforts by Morse and Giron to browbeat recall petition signers has prompted complaints of voter intimidation

Efforts by Morse and Giron to browbeat recall petition signers has prompted complaints of voter intimidation

There’s little doubt that Colorado Senate President John Morse (D-Colo. Springs) and Senator Angela Giron (D-Pueblo) were caught flat footed when the Secretary of State recently certified recall petitions against them.

As regular TCO readers know, both Morse and Giron have been targeted by thousands of angry constituents miffed by the two legislators’ votes in favor of controversial gun-control legislation earlier this year.

And now those constituents are on the cusp of making the two Democrats the first state legislators in Colorado history to be recalled from office.

While staring down the potential of being thrown out on their ears by their constituents must be stressful, we are nonetheless disgusted with the strong-arm tactics being employed by Morse and Giron to intimidate those constituents who had the nerve to sign the recall petitions.

Leaked video of a man slipping $20 bills to three of Giron’s supporters while they attempted to disrupt the efforts of recall backers has helped to underscore her desperation.

Since when in America did politicians get the right to call voters at home to bully them and second guess decisions they freely made to exercise their First Amendment rights?

We aren’t lawyers, but what Senators Morse and Giron are doing sure looks a lot voter suppression – you know, the same thing the left usually screams about over common-sense proposals like asking voters to show identification before casting ballots.

The irony of the of two of the most liberal members of the Colorado Senate who make sport out of criticizing Secretary of State Scott Gessler for “voter intimidation tactics” while bringing the worst of Tammany Hall to Pueblo and El Paso Counties speaks for itself.

The reports of intimidation became so widespread this week, that the advocacy group Compass Colorado told Morse to knock it off.

“Senator John Morse’s constituents spoke loud and clear in their intention to hold Sen. Morse accountable,” said Kelly Maher, the group’s executive director in a Tuesday statement. “Voters must arm themselves with information in order to stop the blatant attempts by Morse and his out-of-state funders like New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg to disenfranchise petition signers.”

Maher’s group also encouraged victims to report incidents of voter intimidation, complete with a helpful guide on how to recognize it.

In the end, we believe voters in Pueblo and Colorado Springs will reject Morse and Giron’s old-school bully tactics and see them for what they are:  A frantic, last-ditch effort by two career politicians to try and save their cushy government jobs.

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2 Responses to Our View: On the Ropes, Morse, Giron Embrace Tammany Hall Tactics

  1. Lynne Brando
    June 29, 2013 at 9:28 am

    The response of Morse and Giron to the recall against them is disgusting. Their response is indicative of the arrogance they exhibited during the last legislative session. Calling those who signed the petition indeed smacks of voter intimidation. Signing your name to a petition does NOT give someone the right to contact you to question your decision to sign. Where will this double standard end? I certainly hope these two so-called representatives get what they deserve — thrown out of office.


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