POLL: Voters Now Trust GOP More than Dems to Handle Economy, Health Care, Immigration

June 6, 2013
REPUBLICAN RESURGENCE?  Voters now trust Republicans more on most key issues, according to a new poll (DonkeyHotey Image)

GOP RESURGENCE? Voters now trust Republicans more than Democrats on most key issues (DonkeyHotey Image)

DENVER – Voters now trust Republicans more than Democrats to handle most key issues including the economy, according to the results of a recent public opinion survey.  The findings are another bad sign for Democrats, who have seen their national poll numbers drop in the wake of several high-profile White House scandals.

Voters were asked to identify which political party they trusted more to handle fifteen issues ranging from jobs and the economy to gun control.  On ten of the fifteen issues tested, the GOP came out on top.

Respondents expressed more trust in Republicans than Democrats to handle economy (43 percent to 40), job creation (45 percent to 39), government spending (49 percent to 33), government ethics / corruption (39 percent to 37), taxes (46 percent to 38), issues affecting small business (48 percent to 33), health care (42 percent to 41), gun control (43 percent to 41), national security (46 percent to 37), and immigration (43 percent to 40).

They gave Democrats the edge on the environment (49 percent to 33), the war in Afghanistan (39 percent to 38), Social Security (41 percent to 38), education (42 percent to 34) and energy (46 percent to 37).

“[V]oters now trust Republicans more on 10 out of 15 issues,” according to Rasmussen Reports.  “That’s a complete reversal from March when voters trusted Democrats more on 10 out of 15 issues.”

The survey revealed a gap, however, along lines of gender and race.

Men were much more likely to trust Republicans – expressing stronger support for the GOP on twelve of the fifteen issues:  The economy, job creation, government spending, government ethics / corruption, taxes, issues affecting small business, health care, gun control, national security, and immigration – as well as the war in Afghanistan and Social Security.

Women, on the other hand, were more likely to trust Democrats – backing President Obama’s party over Republicans on all but three issues: job creation, government spending, and issues affecting small business.

White respondents said they trusted Republicans more on every issue except the environment (where they gave Democrats a slim 41 to 40 percent edge), while black respondents sided with Democrats on each of the fifteen issues.

Those who did not identify themselves as either black or white split almost evenly on the issues — trusting Republicans more to handle the economy (42 percent to 31), job creation (39 percent to 35), national security (38 percent to 31), immigration (43 percent to 36), taxes (49 percent to 35), government spending (53 percent to 23), and issues affecting small business (45 to 36 percent); but trusting Democrats more to handle the environment (63 percent to 23), education (52 percent to 29), gun control (43 percent to 36), Social Security (52 percent to 34), health care (44 percent to 32), government ethics / corruption (38 percent to 31), the war in Afghanistan (39 percent to 32) and energy (43 percent to 32).

The Rasmussen Reports poll of 1,000 likely voters was conducted May 15-16, May 19-20, and May 23-24 and has a + / – 3 percent margin of error.

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