From the Cheap Seats: Obama’s “Nation Building”

July 9, 2013
President Obama wants to spend $7 billion on the kind of foreign "nation building" he campaigned against

President Obama wants to spend $7 billion on the kind of foreign “nation building” in Africa that he campaigned against

So it was back in 2012 that Barack Obama announced that the United States’ “aging electricity grid” needed updating.

You remember, it was part of his plan to “do some nation building here at home.”

Nevermind that the electricity grid is privately owned and that utilities and private companies are responsible for keeping it up, lest they suffer the ire of inconvenienced customers who contact public utilities commissions eager to hear them out and levy hefty fines.

No sir, there were votes to be bought, 2012 was, after all, an election year and Obama wasn’t content to loose the dogs of the IRS on his enemies. He had to bolster the base with promises they wouldn’t closely examine.

It worked, of course, and now Obama is trotting the globe promising goodies everywhere he goes.

Most recently, of course, Obama told the South Africans that he was eager to spend $7 billion of the United States’ money in Africa — you know, to do some of that foreign “nation building” he campaigned against so hard here at home.

Obama, painting a portrait of a rising Africa, argued that the U.S. should get more involved in its success — for its own benefit.

“My own nation will benefit enormously if you reach your full potential,” Obama told a crowd of students whose votes aren’t for sale, at least not in the way Obama is accustomed to buying them.

Of course, part of “reaching full potential” involves a certain self sufficiency, such as a nation building its own electricity grid without having to owe someone else.

That’s not how Obama wants it, though, He wants to be owed.

Cheap Seats hopes that the South Africans ignore Obama’s promises lest they go through what Americans have survived the last five years.

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