Compass Colorado Calling Tax Hike Campaign’s Bluff On Polling

August 13, 2013
BLUFFING? A conservative group is disputing claims that more than half of Coloradans support a $1 billion tax hike

BLUFFING? A conservative group is disputing claims that a majority of Coloradans support a $1 billion income tax hike

DENVER – A Democratic state legislator and chief backer of a plan to raise income taxes by $1 billion claims that the across-the-board tax hike enjoys the support of a majority of Coloradans – and says he has private polling data to prove it.  But Compass Colorado suggested Tuesday that the lawmaker is bluffing, and is challenging him to make that private data public.

The lawmaker, state Sen. Michael Johnston (D-Denver), reportedly told a group of advisers to Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper that the pro-income tax hike campaign planned to raise as much as $10 million to pitch the proposal, adding that internal polling showed “52 to 54 percent” of Coloradans in support of the idea.

Senator Johnston’s claim was reported on August 1 by EdNews Colorado.

In the days since those statements, however, Johnston has not publicly disclosed the details of the poll – prompting accusations that the Initiative 22 campaign is bluffing.

“Despite massive special interest funding, the billion dollar tax hike campaign clearly does not enjoy the support of Colorado’s voters when it comes to raising taxes on Colorado’s hard-working families,” said Compass Colorado Executive Director Kelly Maher. “We challenge Senator Johnston to release this mystery poll that contradicts both public polling and the last 20 years of elections in Colorado.”

The challenge may may have something to do with the fact that Compass Colorado released their own polling memo earlier this month.

That memo detailed the results of a survey conducted by Colorado-based Magellan Strategies, which revealed strong public opposition to an income tax hike.

The Magellan poll, conducted in April, showed that fewer than one in four respondents, 24.4 percent, supported the idea of “a billion dollar tax increase in Colorado to fund education.”  And just 35.1 percent said they backed a two-tiered income tax system like the one envisioned by the proposed tax hike plan.

Initiative 22 would raise income taxes by 8 percent on income under $75,000, and by 27 percent on income over $75,000.

Johnston did not respond to a request for comment.

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2 Responses to Compass Colorado Calling Tax Hike Campaign’s Bluff On Polling

  1. Tom
    August 14, 2013 at 12:15 pm

    Democrats have become very good at manufacturing consent for polls they pay for.

  2. Bob Terry
    August 15, 2013 at 9:28 am

    Yeah all or the majority of Coloradoans support this tax hike… really…so they can piddle away all the money? hey its only a 27% tax increase “Chump change”…
    so math equates you’ll pay a hefty $18,000 plus….yeah what I’d like pay is $18,000 to the State of Colorado..and no results…
    Like the Sate of California … we need this we need this program. How come all the tax money we spend on property taxes still result in no improvement education.
    If you look at all the endorsements…The Seattle Times …lol wow that’s on the side of TAXES…His staff wow Los Angeles and New York based people…lol How’s that working for them…. Wonder why Douglas County is doing what they are doing …and guess what? we have .. “Children” that learn here.

    Colorado you’re on the verge of running people off… business leaving …and all that will be left is the Liberals wonder where the Golden Geese went. California Illinois Michigan…they are experiencing this right now.

    I guess I’m part of the 1% who won’t vote for this garbage…and I am retired …and no I don’t earn $75000.00 and NO I don’t support shake down politics


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