From the Cheap Seats: The Cold Arctic Summer

August 12, 2013
Summer 2013 was the North Pole’s coldest and shortest on recordTaraji Blue / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

It’s probably considered heretical in the world of climate models and overheated histrionics, but Cheap Seats finds it instructive to compare things occasionally.

It’s the old bigger-than-a-breadbasket question.  In some quarters it’s known as “science.”

Well, the climatological types have been indulging in some of that, and they’ve found that in terms of the Arctic, it was summertime – and shivering.

Simply put, summer 2013 was the coldest and shortest summer on record at the North Pole. And that’s not all.

Normally the Arctic ice shrinks by 750,000 square kilometers, according to the Arctic Climate Research Unit at the University of Illinois.  But this time, the loss was less than half that amount, according to the Danish Meteorological Institute.

The kiddies at Climate Reality Project don’t know that because Mrs. Sen. Mark Udall, aka Maggie “What you don’t know won’t threaten my $250 large salary” Fox would find that, well, inconvenient.

It’s also true that the earth’s temperature hasn’t moved in 17 years, not that facts matter to certain individuals, but Cheap Seats is guessing that based on the cooling of the Arctic, we can soon make that 18 years.

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