From the Cheap Seats: Al Gore the Demagogue

August 29, 2013
While Al Gore was busy dodging facts and name calling, the mercury was dropping

While Al Gore was busy dodging facts and name calling, the mercury was dropping

The Gore effect remains in full force.  It didn’t escape Cheap Seats’ notice that the former future president turned petrodollar mogul  curled up with The Washington Post to diss the deniers, comparing them unfavorably with racists, bigots, apartheid fans and homophobes. The wonder is that he didn’t include pedophiles, but really, who’s counting?

Not Gore, it turns out.  While Gore was busy dodging arguments in favor of name calling and dodging some basic facts, the mercury was dropping.

In fact, during the week of June 29 last year, there was a record number of record low temperatures across the United States.

Bear in mind that the spate of record lows comes as the earth’s temperature has flatlined and not so much as bumped for 17 years.

Of course, Gore wouldn’t mention the bit about lots of lows.  That Might get in the way of the revenue stream and he does need to keep paying Mrs. Sen. Mark Udall her $250 large salary every year.

And when it comes to understanding what drives global-warming alarmism, remember, follow the money. It will lead you to Al Gore’s bulging wallet.

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