From the Cheap Seats: Is Hick Trying to Impress Hillary?

August 9, 2013
Is Hick making his bona fides known to Hillary by professing his distaste for open government?

Is Hick professing his distaste for open government to impress Hillary?

Gov. John Hickenlooper seems to be getting into the spirit of the modern Democratic Party. Actually it’s the history of the Democratic Party that he’s getting in step with, but he seems to be working hard to align himself with the forces that gave use Barack “I’ve got a secret and by the way, I know yours” Obama.

Hick told the kiddies at TIME magazine that he likes the idea of the smoke-filled room. You know, the process that resulted in the “We have to pass it to know what’s in it” health care law that Obama hasn’t read and can’t administer?

Voters should simply submit to the better judgment of their masters, the Hickster informed TIME.

“We elect these people to make these difficult decisions, but now they are in the full light of video every time they make a decision,”  Hickenlooper said during a meeting of the National Governors Association meeting on Friday.  “We elected these people, let them go back into a room like they always did.”

Whew. To quote a silly commercial, “Did he seriously just say that?”

Cheap Seats thinks we now know what the governor of Colorado thinks of the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights. So much for voters deciding on tax increases when the boys in the back room have so much better judgment.

Actually, Cheap Seats suspects that there’s more to Hickenlooper’s sudden affection for back rooms than a mere state law.

A certain shoo-in for the Dems’ nomination for president in 2016 who answers to the initials Hillary Clinton has already demonstrated that she likes crafting law well out of the public spotlight (and its antiseptic properties), so it looks to Cheap Seats as though Hickenlooper is making his bona fides known to Clinton by demonstrating a distaste for open government.

Hillary “What difference does it make?” Clinton is looking for a kindred spirit in a running mate and it seems to Cheap Seats that she might just find her man in Colorado.

Which would suit Bill just fine. If Hillary can find a man she likes, that ought to free him up to cruise the interns.

That, like everything else the Dems have touched of late, worked out ever so well – for them.  The country, not so much.

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One Response to From the Cheap Seats: Is Hick Trying to Impress Hillary?

  1. PeterP
    August 11, 2013 at 2:04 pm

    I think that the Looper has too much in his past that will disqualify him from serious Democratic Party consideration. Not only was he a successful businessman but he was also a geologist who knows “fracking” is safe. Perhaps his Nathan Dunlap stunt, ambiguous marriage and “gee-wiz, golly, shucks” regular guy looks will be enough. What the last election cycle taught us is that a village idiot can one day become an American president. As Obama has lowered the presidential bar for Hillary, Biden will make the Looper seem like Bobby Kennedy.


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