From the Cheap Seats: The 97 Percent Lie

August 20, 2013
It seems the green lobby is throwing some more climate change lies against the wall, and hoping they will stick.

It seems the green lobby is throwing some more climate change lies against the wall, and hoping they will stick.

The same crowd that we’re accustomed to hear whining about the 1 percent is now howling now about “the 97 percent.”

Yeah, Cheap Seats has the same question, but what’s 96 percent among friends? Not much among the ProgLuddites, it seems.

If you haven’t heard of the 97 percent, then Mrs. Sen. Mark Udall hasn’t done her job. Not that she isn’t trying…really, really trying.

The ProgLuddites are trying to wedge reality out of the way by contending that 97 percent of climate experts agree that the earth is warming and that the reason is your tailpipe. The one on your pickup. The same one with all the air-pollution controls that burns unleaded gas on six cylinders.

Mrs. Sen. Udall is now touting the 97 percent via the Climate Reality Project (CRaP) telling her gullible followers that 97 percent of climate scientists say “Man-made carbon pollution is the cause of global warming. The consensus is overwhelming.”

So what is this grand consensus?

Well, Ma Udall doesn’t say. She just drops the 97 percent number and expects the gullible to follow along with their mouths agape and wallets open.

Other green lobby outfits are using the number too.  The League of Conservation Voters dropped it into an attack ad now running against U.S. Rep. Mike Coffman.

Presumably, CRaP is referring to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change for the 97 percent figure. Cheap Seats figures it was made up either way.

But don’t take it from us.

Climatologist Judith Curry put it this way: “The definition of climate change consensus is now so fuzzy that leading climate change skeptics are categorizing themselves within the 97%.  IPCC and other leading climate scientists can’t agree on the cause of the lack of surface temperature increase for the past 15+ years.”

Funny, it’s amazing what numbers the ProgLuddites can ignore.

And did we mention that while Ma Udall is disseminating global warming propaganda, her husband Senator Mark Udall is working on some new global warming rules?


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