New Ad Targets Giron’s Support of Tax Hike, Green Energy Mandate

August 26, 2013
A new radio ad is targeting embattled state Sen. Angela Giron (D-Pueblo) for backing a divisive green energy bill and an unpopular tax hike plan

A new radio ad targets Democrat state Sen. Angela Giron for backing a divisive green energy bill and an unpopular tax hike plan

DENVER – With just weeks to go until state Sen. Angela Giron (D-Pueblo) is set to face voters in an unprecedented recall election triggered by her support for gun control legislation, a new radio ad is targeting the embattled lawmaker for backing an income tax hike and a controversial expansion of a government-imposed energy mandate.

“Senator Angela Giron – so disappointing, so out of touch with Pueblo,” a female voice intones in the ad.

“When big dollar interest groups pushed for more government energy mandates last spring, Senator Giron stood with them, not Pueblo.  The results?  Energy analysts promise higher utility bills for seniors, families and small business owners – as if times weren’t tough enough,” the ad continues.

The energy mandate the ad references, also known as SB 252, is a highly divisive measure designed to double the state’s green energy mandate.  The legislation was backed by environmental groups, and is expected to raise the utility bills of rural consumers, although it is unclear by how much.

Giron received high praise from the green lobby earlier this year for her support of the bill.

The ad also blasts Giron for backing an unpopular income tax hike proposal.

“Senator Giron and the same politicians who pushed higher energy costs on rural Colorado are now asking for a billion dollar income tax increase this November,” the ad says.  “Small businesses and most working class households will get hit with a 27 percent income tax hike.  Enough is enough.”

The income tax hike proposal referenced in the spot, formally known as Initiative 22, seeks to increase the state income tax rate by 8 percent on income less than $75,000, and by 27 percent on income over $75,000.  The proposal has the backing of Democratic Governor John Hickenlooper and the state’s largest teachers union.

The ad, paid for by Americans for Prosperity, is slated to begin running this week.

“Angela Giron in this case showed that she cares far more about pandering to environmental extremists than about helping her constituents weather the tough economic times they’re facing,” said Americans For Prosperity’s Colorado director Dustin Zvonek.

“Just as John Morse seems to take his marching orders from out-of-state string-pullers in New York City and Washington, Giron seems to take her marching orders from Morse,” said Zvonek – a reference to New York Mayor and outspoken gun control proponent Michael Bloomberg and Senate President John Morse (D-Colo. Springs) — who is also facing a constituent-initiated recall.

“We hope that these efforts will help persuade both senators to recognize and correct the error of their ways,” concluded Zvonek.

Audio of the ad is embedded below.

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