Defense Hawk “Leaning Against” Strike on Syria

September 6, 2013
Congressman Lamborn is leaning against supporting a military strike in Syria due to his distrust in Obama's foreign policy

Congressman Lamborn is leaning against supporting a military strike in Syria due to his distrust in Obama’s foreign policy

WASHINGTON — Another U.S. Representative from Colorado signaled he would vote against a congressional resolution authorizing the use of military force in Syria. And he may not be the last.

Rep. Doug Lamborn, R-Colorado Springs, took to the airwaves Friday morning to announce his tentative opposition to intervening in the war-torn Middle Eastern country.


“I’m leaning, very much leaning against President Obama’s resolution,” Lamborn said on Richard Randall’s radio talk show on KVOR in Colorado Springs.

Lamborn cast his position as a vote of no confidence in Obama’s foreign policy. “I don’t trust the leadership of Barack Obama. It’s just like following from behind. I do like that he’s consulting with Congress, and it’s horrific to use gas against civilians, so there is a side on doing this, but Richard, there’s so much against President Obama.”

Last Saturday, Obama announced he would seek congressional authorization for a limited air strike on Syria, which has been accused of gassing 1,400 civilians on Aug. 21. Reportedly, he has been contacting lawmakers personally to garner their support, and he said he will address the nation Tuesday night about the threat Syria’s use of chemical weapons poses.

Lamborn, a member of the House Armed Services Committee, represents activists and interests on both sides of the issue. Pro-Israel lobbying groups as well as foreign policy hawks support a strike on Syria. Movement conservative organizations such as Heritage Action oppose military intervention.

Lamborn’s statement follows those of his Republican colleagues Scott Tipton of Cortez and Cory Gardner of Yuma earlier this week. Tipton said “barring new knowledge,” he would oppose a resolution of force, while Gardner said he was “deeply skeptical” of intervening in Syria.

Rep. Mike Coffman of Aurora is the lone Republican in Colorado’s congressional delegation who has suggested he would vote for a resolution that authorizes an attack on Syria. On his Facebook page Wednesday, Coffman announced that his support for attacking Syria is conditional.

“I remain supportive of the concept of a limited strike in order to deter (President Bashar-al) Assad regime from the further use of chemical weapons, but I have growing concerns about whether such a limited strike could actually accomplish that objective,” he wrote.

Coffman added on his Facebook page he expects to make up his mind when he returns to Washington next week to attend classified briefings on Syria.

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