Embattled School Board Candidate Removes Embellished Video Ad

September 24, 2013
After multiple complaints, Douglas County school board candidate Ronda Scholting removed an embellished video ad from the timeline of her campaign's Facebook fan page

Scholting removed a doctored video from the timeline of her campaign’s Facebook fan page

DENVER – Union-backed school board candidate Ronda Scholting’s video ad is turning into what could have been a deleted-scene from Will Ferrell’s 2012 “The Campaign.”

After multiple complaints from Facebook users, DougCo parents, and talk-show host Mike Rosen, Douglas County Board of Education Candidate Ronda Scholting removed, without comment or notice, the embellished video ad from her “Ronda Scholting for DougCo Schools” Facebook fan page.

The ad is still listed under the page’s “Videos” section, however, the original post alleging Meghann Silverthorn’s distaste for “soccer mom’s” has been hidden from the timeline section.

A rebuttal video from a YouTube user questioned Scholting’s deletion of nearly two-minutes of audio from a KOA 850 interview conducted by Mike Rosen.

Scholting took bits and pieces of Rosen’s interview with her opponent, Meghann Silverthorn, and spliced them together to manufacture a soundbyte for a campaign video.

The Observer reported on the Scholting video doctoring scandal over the weekend.

Despite the raft of negative attention the video-splice has generated for Scholting’s campaign, at least one of her supporters defended the cut-and-paste attack ad on Facebook.

“[W]hat ad do you know of that hasn’t been spliced?” the Scholting backer asked rhetorically.

However, most observers have been less supportive of Scholting’s tabloid-style spot.

Asked to comment, Silverthorn said she thought Scholting’s manipulation of the Rosen interview was “not okay in most Douglas County citizens’ worlds,” and “misrepresented both mine and Rosen’s comments.”

“It’s one thing to cut out coughs, pauses, or other extraneous noise,” added Silverthorn.

“Her willful and wanton misrepresentation of the conversation in that video is just a sign of how desperate liberal Democrats and the teachers’ union are to win back control of the DougCo school board so they can bring back the union and kill the current boards long-needed improvements,” Rosen told The Observer.

Rosen, who on Friday called Scholting out on his show for misrepresenting his, and Silverthorn’s, remarks, posted the YouTube rebuttal on 850koa.com.

Scholting is a former news reporter and, by some accounts, a progressive climber who has tenaciously sought the spotlight. She was elected to the Parker Fire Protection Board in 2012 and spent most of her career as a broadcast journalist.

In 2008, liberal blog ColoradoPols.com wrote “[s]ome woman named Ronda Scholting, who is apparently the 7News Northern Bureau Reporter” was planning to petition onto the CD-6 ballot to challenge Mike Coffman – “attempt to petition on, anyway.”

Scholting, who represents herself as a centrist, is nonetheless supported by a variety of liberal organizations, and endorsed by the far-left Progressive Majority which seeks “the best progressive leaders to run for office.”

Progressive Majority is the same group that supported ousted Senate-leader John Morse, who was booted out of office earlier this month for supporting a controversial package of gun control bills and legislation mandating costly energy requirements throughout the state.

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8 Responses to Embattled School Board Candidate Removes Embellished Video Ad

  1. Bob Terry
    September 24, 2013 at 1:24 pm

    Caught with her pants down was she ??

    Progressive majority … well wonder what the next ploy is from them..Talking points, agenda stay tuned folks ….

    we’re Colorado .. we’re able to discern and understand without Liberal crap that hits us from all sides… Me I am sick all of this ..but…our votes count …Don’t let them beat you down!!

  2. Erin Dobbs
    September 24, 2013 at 10:45 pm

    Seriously? Scandal? You folks are hard up for real news apparently. And, you’re extremely good at making things up.

    • middlekid
      September 25, 2013 at 10:51 am

      Erin, I am interested in finding out which facts are made up. I hope you respond. Thank you!

    • Bob Terry
      September 26, 2013 at 8:34 pm

      Okay Erin. Where was the word scandal used? What was made up? She was shown doctoring and editing a tape, to obscure and falsify the position presented. Erin you part of Progressive Majority? I guess backing a liar and a hack, in the name if ruining education, so we can pay more, it right where you stand. I seriously doubt you’ll reply to any one of us. But again we’re the bad guys … And Liberals, Democrats, and Progressives know so much more than us. Maybe John Morse can bus some people for your agenda , maybe he can provide some of that leftover Beef n Bun fest stuff

  3. Middle Kid
    September 25, 2013 at 10:52 am

    Erin, I am interested to know which facts are made up. Please respond, Thank You!


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