Liberal DougCo Activists Seek To Repeat IRS Inquisition of Alleged “Conservative” Groups

October 17, 2013
Liberal activists are once again calling for the IRS to investigate political foes, this time in Douglas County

Liberal activists are once again calling for the IRS to investigate political foes, this time in Douglas County

CASTLE ROCK – Private donors committed to improving K-12 education paid former U.S. of Secretary of Education Bill Bennett $50,000 to speak and consult on behalf of DougCo schools in 2013.

Now, with the school board election just a few weeks away liberal activists are crying foul, claiming the non-profit that facilitated the funding, the Douglas County Educational Foundation, improperly used the funds for “political purposes.”

Some, including Democrat activist Susan Arnold, are calling for an IRS audit of DCEF and its tax-exempt status.

Earlier this year, the Internal Revenue Service came under Congressional and public scrutiny after it became clear that senior officials were intentionally targeting non-profit organizations based on their names and links to political activity.

IRS officials acknowledged earlier this year that they targeted groups that applied for taxpayer exempt status as 501 (c) 3 organizations with the names “tea party,” “patriots,’ and “9/12” in them.

School board member Doug Benevento told The Observer Douglas County Democrats are using the volatile election season to mislead voters.

“The IRS has been accused of doing this in the past, of using its power to suppress people with a viewpoint that the administration doesn’t share,” said Benevento.  “This appears to be an attempt by left leaning groups in DougCo to do the same.”

School board President John Carson made clear that the donations were private, and that they “[fund] various functions of the district.”

According to superintendent Dr. Liz Fagen on her blog, “private funders paid for their time/work in our district to provide an expert, third-party review… As you might imagine, we are lucky to have these international education experts in our district, and it is customary to pay experts for their work…”

“This type of third-party review, feedback, and validation is critical to our goal of world-class, continuous improvement,” said Fagen.

Liberal activists are “asking the IRS to do what they’ve been accused of doing in the past, because they’re Republicans running a non-profit,” said Benevento.

“It’s clear that this is an attempt by the Democrats to use the IRS to achieve their partisan political ends, “ Benevento added.

Benevento, along with Meghann Silverthorn, Jim Geddes, and Judi Reynolds, are facing the AFL-CIO backed slate of candidates on November 5.

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One Response to Liberal DougCo Activists Seek To Repeat IRS Inquisition of Alleged “Conservative” Groups

  1. Bob Terry
    October 19, 2013 at 1:58 pm

    Really they are going to sic the IRS on the candidates??? who are non union people? Really you that petty that your agenda or talking points can’t stand on it’s own? Ya know I was union..because I had to be in the transportation industry, served me well, but there again Union wasn’t always right and the Company the same..If we struck, well the Government made sure we were back in 3 or less days..BUT!!! to turn government against the people, their choice, because the teachers union says.. Really I am ashamed of the AFL-CIO, the Teamsters withdrew from them..and I was a Teamster..not that I wanted to be that..but the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers decided that was our best interst…I digress.. But I am saying whether you are a union member or a person that has employment outside of union control..YOU have a Voice at the ballot box and I see this is an attempted takeover of a school district by the union’s for the membership, regardless or results…but yer gonna pay for it in the end…HIGHER TAXES..Amendment 66 ol Hick says some or most is going towards PERA !! really lets pay for Union Pensions that are bankrupting the Colorado coffers…Yeah right..would you pay up for mine……Uhhh I don’t think so…THINK PEOPLE THINK ..Kiem Scholting Hodges..they are NOT in the best interst for you or your KIDS…like the libs say it’s for the children..yeah your kids…do whats right and what is working … Douglas County did the right thing


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