Obama Group Jumps into Amendment 66 Campaign

October 28, 2013
Organizing for Action, previously known as Obama for America, sent out emails to supporters Friday asking them to vote in favor of the controversial $1b tax hike

Organizing for Action, sent out emails to supporters asking them to vote for the controversial $1b tax hike

DENVER—Six weeks after trying to save two Democratic legislators from recall, President Obama’s Organizing for Action is back in Colorado to stump for Amendment 66.

Organizing for Action, previously known as Obama for America, sent out emails to supporters Friday asking them to vote in favor of the proposed $950 million income-tax increase for K-12 education, calling it “a chance to improve education in our state.”

“This reform is so forward thinking that Secretary of Education Arne Duncan said, ‘If the voters pass Amendment 66, Colorado will become the educational model for every other state to follow,’” said Justin Steele, OFA-Colorado state coordinator, in the email.

In September, Organizing for Action sent hundreds of volunteers to knock on doors in Colorado Springs in an effort to get out the vote for Senate President John Morse. Despite those efforts, Morse was defeated in the recall election.

OFA-Colorado’s purpose is to “bring the tools, knowledge, networks, and volunteers from the campaign to the fight to enact the President’s agenda,” according to its Facebook page.

The group’s Facebook page and email also give three-step, illustrated instructions on how to vote in the Nov. 5 election, including “vote yes on Amendment 66” and “mail ballot with 2 stamps by Nov. 2.”

The push by OFA comes as the campaign ramps up for its crucial final days. Despite a deluge of television and radio advertising by the pro-Amendment 66 committee, a Magellan Strategies poll released Sept. 20 found the ballot question losing by 38 to 44 percent, with 18 percent undecided.

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3 Responses to Obama Group Jumps into Amendment 66 Campaign

  1. Bob Terry
    October 28, 2013 at 9:43 am

    Organizing for Action …HARRRRRRRRRRR … yeah to enslave you to pay for PERA … Union Bosses …and ..NOOOOOOOO ..Obamacare …all under the ruse for the Children.. I’ll bet my Railroad retirement that this will be used elsewhere .. maybe not right away, but they will like a toilet tank leak …erode it away. Old Hick did the Porky Pig stutter and failed miserably .. Maybe if Amendment 66 passes …we all can buy an Ocarina and learn Mary had a Little lamb.. A A G A G …Yeah kid need to learn …Music..Math to READ!!! yeah like we did 50 years ago and there was no political agenda … Playground equipment was that …and a band aid was a brand of courage … and the biggest Gossip …Susie had a hole in her underpants … Like at
    3rd grade that was so haaarrrr a big deal .. When have we generated ourselves into the plasma Physics hole…Teach our kids …Good grief they are so regulated …some districts have taken balls away …because they might hurt themselves …Bikes are next and maybe we can bubble wrap kids … yeah that’s an answer as well…they’ll be dumb but protected

  2. Charles Rollman
    October 29, 2013 at 9:14 am

    Interesting. All sorts of deep pockets outside of Colorado are throwing money in to support Amendment 66. What’s the total now? $10M?

    Opposition expenditures are what? Less than $10K?

    Yet, readers comments to Amendment 66 on news sites across the state are predominantly against Amendment 66. And local on line polls this week in the Fort Collins area and in the Grand Junction area show 2:1 and 5:1 opposition to Amendment 66 respectively.

    The opposition isn’t an organization, it’s the people of Colorado fighting against moneyed outside interests. This is a popular revolt without leadership.

    I suspect Amendment 66 will fail dramatically.

    There probably is substance to the argument that Colorado schools could and should be better. After Amendment 66 fails, perhaps we should take a close and bipartisan look at our schools and try to figure out what needs improvement and how to make those improvements without implementing the largest tax hike ever.

    • Bob Terry
      October 29, 2013 at 11:07 am

      I guess that Bloomberg (NY) and Gates (CA) are intent on getting this passed whether we want it or not. We the majority of Coloradoans DO NOT want increased taxes…and watch the state evolve into an Illinois, New York state and California mentality. I guess (they) being the outside interests, in all of Colorado’s business, comes from the fact that we, unfortunately are under a Liberal democratic controlled legislature. Remember Gates and Bloomberg have money and tax shelters so they really don’t care about getting fleeced… You the unwashed are footing the bills of bad Government. Amendment 66 is a tax increase that keeps on giving regardless…and like having and uncontrolled foot in the door and into your wallet… Schools need to TEACH and leave your politics and agendas at home. When all the money is spent and we still fail …ask yourself this…where did the money go …??? Don’t let outside political influence and money erode away your liberties and rights…and Obama has a little strong arm as well, with the OFA ?? Speaks volumes and hopefully the majority of Colorado is saying stick Amendment 66 and you’re special interests somewhere else ..NOT HERE!!


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