Union Backer Asks Facebook “Friends” For Ballots

October 23, 2013
When approached about the post by an investigative reporter, the voter said “I need to get a lawyer”

When approached about the post by an investigative reporter, the voter reportedly said “I need to get a lawyer”

DENVER – A Highlands Ranch woman, who is reportedly a supporter of the four AFL-CIO backed school board candidates – Ronda Scholting, Julie Keim, Bill Hodges, and Barbra Chase – appears to have solicited Facebook users in an effort to engage in voter fraud.

Complete Colorado reported Wednesday that the unnamed woman asked her Facebook friends to hand over their ballots so she could fill in her own ballot preferences.

“I am asking if some of my friends and also their 18-year old children are voting and if they are not, I am asking them if I could have their ballot ‘to help them’ vote to make it easier on them,” the post according to a screenshot captured by a concerned parent.

The DougCo parent who reported the complaint after seeing it on Facebook, Sandra Brownrigg, told Complete Colorado that she planned to file a voting complaint with the Secretary of State as well as the Douglas County Clerk and Recorder.

According to Brownrigg’s blog, “I saw this on a public Facebook group page last night, and down the rabbit hole I went.”

Shorty after Brownrigg took screenshots of the post, the user had deleted the comment.

“I clicked on the link to refresh it – and the post, with its related comments, was gone,” Brownrigg continued.

According to Complete Colorado, “it seems apparent from a number of  indicators that the unnamed author of the post is a supporter of the union-backed slate of candidates running for seats to the county’s board of education, all of who hope to unseat incumbent candidates who have supported the country’s school choice program.”

Complete Colorado did attempt to reach the unnamed Facebook user for comment, and, the woman responded in person at her home, “I am not talking to you. This is not a deal. I need to get a lawyer. Goodbye.”

“Voting by mail has to stop. We need to be able to verify that the person casting the secret ballot is the one to whom the secret ballot belongs,” Brownrigg concluded.

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2 Responses to Union Backer Asks Facebook “Friends” For Ballots

  1. Bob Terry
    October 24, 2013 at 11:25 am

    I guess this speaks volumes … Not only for the candidates, but those who support and back their election… Win at any cost … right.. wrong .. indifferent …whether honest or dishonest … I’d throw away my right to mail in ballot…for total ID at the polling place.. Ya know what is the big deal ID…cash a check…make a deposit at the bank and ask for cash back…pulled over by the police…and prostitute yourself at the airport with TSA … Yeah mail in is easy I like it but I abide by the rules …but if this is a bone of contention.. OKAY Liberals put up and shut up Polls…ID requirement and allow polls to be opened before the actual election day so “ALL” have the opportunity to vote…. Ya know what ain’t happening… why because somebody’s gonna be butt hurt

  2. October 27, 2013 at 7:55 am

    They are the party of “Can you top this? And from the dregs of the bottom of the pit, THEY DO!!!!


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