Union-Endorsed School Board Candidate Chases Blogger at Forum

October 4, 2013
Union-backed school board candidate Julie Keim (above) threatened an education blogger with legal action for recording the candidate's statements at a forum

Union-backed school board candidate Julie Keim (above) threatened a blogger with potential legal action for attempting to cover a forum

CASTLE ROCK –Revealing Politics blogger and former Observer contributor Devan Crean reports she was followed to her car by a visibly flustered DougCo school board candidate, Julie Keim, on Monday evening.

According to Crean, Keim was “not happy” about her recording the candidate’s public appearances.

Ironically, the the AFL-CIO backed slate of candidates has expressed their distaste for the tracker who’s been filming their public appearances – at a viewing of a documentary that intricately detailed the actions and lives of their opponents.

Then, Keim complained via Facebook that she “wanted the whole tape so that I could show if anything was used out of context.”

That too is ironic, given that one of Keim’s fellow candidates on the union-endorsed slate, Ronda Scholting, recently came under fire for selectively editing an interview between her opponent Meghann Silverthorn and 850 KOA radio host Mike Rosen to manufacture a fake sound byte she then attributed to Silverthorn.

To create the doctored  chop-audio ad, Scholting deleted nearly two minutes of the interview, something she did not disclose when she released the campaign video last month.

Scholting later removed the video from her Facebook page under intense criticism.

At the candidate forum following a September 30 viewing of “The Reformers” – an agenda-driven film critical of changes implemented by the reform-minded school board over the past four years – Julie Keim and Bill Hodges stayed afterwards as part of an informal candidate forum.

After the Q&A session, Crean left the event to return to her car, only to find that Keim was “running after me” saying, “[y]ou do not have my or Bill’s consent to film.”

“You can and will provide a full copy and if you do not I will speak with an attorney…you’ve been doing this a lot lately, and I am not happy about it” Keim reportedly said.

Critics of the union-backed slate of candidates have accused Keim of trying to stifle basic first amendment freedoms.

According to Crean, the event was open to the public and no one stopped her from attending the viewing.

In response to a request for comment, Keim said she “asked the individual for a copy of the video” and “respects everyone’s first amendment right.”

“It was my understanding that it was a private event and not a public forum,” Keim noted in a lengthy Facebook response. “It is my right to tell you that I do not authorize you to use my image or audio. It is your right to ignore my request.”

Political observers remain skeptical of what Keim is hiding at “private [events].”

Keim will face off against Judi Reynolds for the District D seat on November 5.

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9 Responses to Union-Endorsed School Board Candidate Chases Blogger at Forum

  1. Laura Jensen
    October 4, 2013 at 12:24 pm

    These challenger candidates have designed their campaigns off of misrepresenting context.

  2. Bob Terry
    October 5, 2013 at 9:19 am

    Okay Ms Keim had an open forum, but now it wasn’t so open. What is hidden here ? Agenda and probably the premise of what and how Douglas County is screwing the populace and the “children” And how the parents are for a Union controlled school district and board. Do we really want after published success in Doulas County, go back to paying extra for non attendee teachers performing only union business ? How does Douglas County stack up against these other stellar districts…?? Denver Aurora Adams County…I digress. Liberals…starts in the trenches and rears its ugly head further up the chain…If Ms Keim is so open… No Harm No Foul right ? maybe not…your not playing under their rules

  3. Dave Gill
    October 5, 2013 at 12:08 pm

    The Union backed candidates seem desperate to derail the current School Board’s reforms that are already proving successful. No wonder the Union is afraid that putting the students first (rather than the Union first) will resonate with the vast majority of parents and voters. The Union candidates and their supporters have lied about School District Finances, they’ve misrepresented School Choice, they’ve said teachers are unhappy yet the independent Tell Survey indicated that they aren’t, they’ve misrepresented that DougCo teachers are leaving in droves but data indicates they aren’t, and they’ve failed to mention that every opening was quickly filled from a large pool of highly qualified applicants. It must be abject fear that drives the Union to make such easily disproven inaccurate statements.

    • Bob Terry
      October 5, 2013 at 3:11 pm

      Well said Dave … This needs to resonate loud and clear

    • John Peterson
      October 6, 2013 at 1:28 pm

      Dave has excellent points, and I agree, this information is very important, the school board election is very important and begins very soon, Oct. 15 is mail-in start. This School board election will take more than bummer stickers and painted endorsements on the back windows of cars. It is about these reforms and about the future on Douglas county kids, parents, enterprises operating in Douglas County all of who need very well educated kids. Need great teachers and visionary Administrators and Directors.

      What direction the new board takes is a big and important issue. The funds need to stay here in Douglas County.

      What would you like to see, what has been done, what has been attempted, the direction is going the right way and good things have been accomplished by the current Board of Education.

      Final note, please vote. The difference is pretty clear between the two slates of candidates, I fully endorse Dr. J. Geddes for school board, awesome experience, currently an Elected CU Regent, great experience and a good guy. I may not agree with everything or against everything each candidate brings to this race, for example it would be really cool if the downturn is over, to bring graduation requirement back up to where they were before they were cut back, it would be really cool if we didn’t have to vote on another school bond issue to raise taxes for a long time. The Candidates who are against Amendment 66, raising taxes is not a good idea at this time, perhaps we are Taxed Enough Already, those candidates should be elected this time. Please Vote.

  4. Mark S. Griffith
    October 9, 2013 at 7:58 pm

    I think Ann Coulter said it best, and I must paraphrase: “Conservatives are always afraid that voters won’t understand what they stand for; Liberals are always afraid that voters will understand what they stand for.”


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