Congressman Blasts Homeland Security for Raid on TCO Reporter’s Home

November 1, 2013
GOEHMERT:  “What kind of country are we living in that busts into somebody’s home at 4:30 in the morning to take her notes regarding whistleblowers and Homeland Security?"

GOEHMERT: “What kind of country are we living in that busts into somebody’s home at 4:30 in the morning to take her notes regarding whistleblowers and Homeland Security?”

DENVER — A Texas congressman is calling for congressional action in response to the federal raid on the home of TCO Washington correspondent Audrey Hudson.

Rep. Louie Gohmert, Texas Republican, said in remarks Tuesday on the House floor that Congress should move to defund the Department of Homeland Security, which was involved in the Aug. 6 pre-dawn raid at Hudson’s Maryland home.

“This is unbelievable this is happening in America,” said Gohmert. “Mr. Speaker, I think we should defund the DHS until such time as they start being honest about what they’re doing and we get answers from the Justice Department.”

During the raid, Homeland Security agents seized five files containing notes on Hudson’s stories written in the mid-2000s for the Washington Times on problems with the DHS’s Federal Air Marshals service—even though the search warrant was for firearms and a potato launcher.

Gohmert read from an article in Human Events about the raid, which was based in part on an Oct. 25 story in the Daily Caller. Hudson previously worked for Human Events.

Hudson said she didn’t realize her files had been confiscated until they were returned to her earlier this month. The Daily Caller article said that a federal investigator told Hudson he “needed to run them by TSA [Transportation Security Administration] to make sure it was ‘legitimate’ for her to have them.”

“I’m sorry–legitimate for a reporter to have her own handwritten notes?” said Gohmert. “What kind of country are we living in that busts into somebody’s home at 4:30 in the morning to take her notes regarding whistleblowers and Homeland Security? We’re living in a scary time.”

The Daily Caller reported that the search warrant “called for the taking of any guns in the house because Hudson’s husband, according to police, cannot own firearms because of a nearly 30-year-old criminal conviction.”

A former judge, Gohmert said he doubted the agents had the authority to remove Hudson’s notes, based on the information contained in the article.

“I would say if the subpoena did not allow them to take her notes pertaining to the DHS whistleblowers, it begs the question if perhaps these law enforcement officers acting under color of state or federal law stole these without due process,” said Gohmert.

The Washington Times said in an Oct. 25 article that the newspaper is preparing an “appropriate legal response.”

Gohmert also said he thought the incident warranted a Justice Department investigation, but that he wasn’t holding his breath.

“So it bears looking into,” said Gohmert, “and if we had a Justice Department that was going to do justice in such an abuse of power–the same kind that would actually prosecute people who brought a billy club and intimidated voters at a voting location–but that doesn’t seem to be the case.”

The congressman also criticized the Obama administration for what he described as its lack of transparency and aggressive prosecution of government whistleblowers.

“We also know this administration, instead of being the most transparent, has the dubious honor or dishonor of having prosecuted more whistleblowers or leakers than any other administration, in fact [more] than all other administrations put together,” said Gohmert. “It’s ruling with an iron fist.”

He ended his floor remarks by saying, “We’ve got to stop the abuse. We have the power to do it. All we got to do is defund it.”

Hudson has appeared on national television and radio programs this week discussing the incident. She was interviewed Wednesday by Peter Boyles on KNUS-AM radio, and Thursday by National Public Radio for its “On the Media” segment.

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3 Responses to Congressman Blasts Homeland Security for Raid on TCO Reporter’s Home

  1. Bob Terry
    November 1, 2013 at 10:04 am

    Rights Liberty and erosion…. TSA DHS yer Obama private police force …how sad that we are allowing this to occur … Yeah Obama is a good orator .. so was Hitler ..So was Stalin…till he pulled out all the stops … Go to any country that saw..survived and finally overcame tyranny … We can stop this madness now or pay for it later … If this Obama Administration is so transparent … yeah like looking through a lead shield … Colorado !!! hey a liberal Democrats that loath you and your beliefs …you’re to stupid to choose or live your life …You need Government …like a quote for the movie Slapshot “Morris you make me sick when you speak!!” De Gette Obama Polis Udall Bennett Pelosi Ried Durban …ad nauseum I feel the same way

    • November 2, 2013 at 10:29 am

      Thanks to sites like this one we learn the truth and the horror of what is going on in this country…behind the transparency of this ‘administration’. I’m frightened now, for my Grandchildren, if we do not stand up and stop this democratic party of liars, of power mongers, of Marxists…they do not adhere to the strengths of this country, do not agree to its exceptionalism, and now have let their aversion to the Constitution override their promise to uphold it. They are adept at creating programs like this one under the guise of protecting us, but in reality they are proving how effective they will be when used against us. I think America will be safer without these programs who are bleeding our coffers of Billions of dollars, and turning their focus on attacking American citizens. Where is the check and balance system in this? There appears to be none. The democratic party has a rule, vote in line with the party, no matter the cost to American Citizens…

  2. Art Vogt
    November 1, 2013 at 6:31 pm

    Soon. It will no0t be long before a raid like this results in casualties. They are going to violate the Constitutional rights of the wrong person and we’ll have another Ruby Ridge. Mark my words, this is not a dificult prediction to make, in fact, it’s practically a no brainer.


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