From the Cheap Seats: Falling Mercury Means Rising Energy Costs

November 30, 2013
Falling temperatures mean rising energy costs -- and fly in the face of "global warming" claims

DOLLARS AND SENSE:  Falling temperatures mean rising energy costs, undermining the wild claims of the global warming lobby

Funny thing, these inverse relationships.  Take, for instance, the inverse relationship between temperature and energy costs.  As one drops, the other rises.

Seems logical enough. As it gets colder, the more fuel is needed to keep houses, businesses, industries warm.

It’s demand and supply and as it happens, demand is climbing, and climbing fast.  Almost 1,000 record low temperatures are putting the chill on the autumn of 2013.

That’s right, 1,000 record lows in the last week of November and we’re not talking Cheap Seats’ cheap shots. Heck we’re not even talking Obama writing condescending notes to “tea-baggers” in Texas.

No, we’re talking falling mercury.  And as the mercury falls, the energy outlays are on the rise.

The Energy Information Administration noted that the average cost of electricity in September jumped by at least 2 percent  in twenty-nine states and the District of Columbia over September 2012.  Louisiana continued to show a trend of rising revenues with a 16 percent increase, and Idaho had a 15.5 percent rise in revenues when compared with September 2012.

Hmm, doesn’t sound exactly like global warming is driving up the temperatures and, inversely, pushing down energy costs.

Perversely, however. Cheap Seats expects to see another call by Mrs. Sen.Mark Udall, aka Maggie Fox, aka Ma 250 Large, and the Climate Reality Project (CRaP) to send out begging letters — well, the equivalent of ransom notes, actually — demanding cash to stop global warming.

Sounds to Cheap Seats as though the real inverse relationship is CRaP and Fox’s demands and the reality of their claims.

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